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    pomidor(1 review)
    Amazon is full of fake reviews, and Amazon does very little to remove them. If you mention anything in your review about other reviews being untrustworthy, Amazon will send you threatening letters, that's what happened to me. If you complain about these fake review to Amazon, they will most likely do nothing, or remove a few to shut you up, while leaving the rest of the fake ones there to prop up the fake score. It is not in Amazon's interest to remove fake reviews, as most of them are there to increase the review scores. The higher the score, the more likely you and I are to buy the items, so Amazon pretends there are no fake reviews, to boost their sales. Plus Amazon is an evil company that uses its power to destroy competition, and will sue you into oblivion if you complain about their practices. I'd give them zero stars if I could
      Cedric(1 review)
      Sent me a box of cereal instead of a laptop that cost 1000 pounds. I spent about ten hours on the phone to support trying to get my money back.They made me go to the police station twice even though it was a waste of my time. They accused me of lying and stealing from them several times. They were so rude and awful.
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        mrjinglesII(2 reviews)
        I Just wanted to leave a review because of all the bad reviews being left for amazon market place. Amazon has always been my go to online store for buying products but what a lot of people missunderstand is Amazon is a lot like ebay in the sense that ANYONE can sell there products on there! So when buying a new set of RAM for your pc, or a new laptop or instance you could be buying it direct from the manufacturer i.e Sony, Corsair ect through Amazons online marketplace, a third party company online that sells through amazons online market place either A) Selling direct from Amazon, being fullfilled by Amazon, or B) It could be being sent direct from the third parties wharehouse, OR C) You could be buying your items from a third party indiviual who like on ebay is selling there own stuff, at there own prices and posting it to you via Royal Mail, which means it could be of any quality and/or condition and you could be waiting days or wk's for them to get round to walking to the post office to put it the post to you! So when buying on Amazon ALWAYS check to see WHO'S fulfilling the sale and who/which seller your buying from. I always buy either direct from Amazon (meaning amazons selling the it them selves) fulfiled BY Amazon, (which means third party company/or indivdual that sends all there products to Amazon who stores it in there warehouses and sends it out direct to you on the sellers behalf) or as in the case of the NZXT cpu cooler I just bought off of Amazon was sold by NZXT and i think sent by NZXT! Either way the first and third options are the safest, a lot of the fake, broken, cheap and or dodgy $**t is being sold by ordinary ppl who open a sellers account on Amazon and then put too good to be stuff up for even more too good to be prices, and then post it out when they can be bothered. Always check who your buying from don't assume because it's sold on Amazon it comes from Amzon!
          joswe(1 review)
          Don’t order anything of value through Amazon. Poor service, late deliveries or items don’t show up. Customer service is worse than imaginable.
            Unregistered44c58849(1 review)
              Drakonix(4 reviews)
              Prices always lower, never accurately reflects true price, shouldn't be able to list anymore with the frequent non-conformance.
                tigerelliott(1 review)
                Ordered a macbook and paid £20 extra for express delivery which order confirmation stated as Wednesday or Thursday. the money was debited to my credit card within 30 minutes but the goods haven't arrived 5 days later. All sorts of excuses but none which are acceptable.
                  Whyduck(2 reviews)
                  Some offshore sellers are advertising items for a cheap price but remember there is an Import Tax of additional 20% on average !
                    wabbon(1 review)
                    ***Beware*** I attempted the purchase of a Canon EOS 5D mark IV using Amazon Marketplace which turned out to be some kind of scam. I've just followed the Amazon link on Pricespy to the Canon EOS 5D Mk IV and was taken to an identical listing to the one I attempted my original purchase. Long story short, I never received the order but I did get a full refund from Amazon. If you see an Amazon listing with the following title; Canon EOS 5D Mark IV DSLR Camera (Body Only) by Canon EOS 5D Mark IV 4.9 out of 5 stars 7 customer reviews 3 answered questions with these customer Question and Answers: Question: Is this a grey import? Answer: This is an original UK model By BaffzTronics (Same Day Dispatc… SELLER on 10 November 2016 Question: Is the camera being sold by int impex on 13/1/17 a genuine uk import with a full canon u.k./europe warranty? Answer: Genuine uk spec and supplied camera with full uk/eu warranty. By entertainment trader SELLER on 13 January 2017 Question: Hello. Does it come with Canon warranty? Answer: Yes full Canon warranty. We will supply a VAT invoice including the serial number with this purchase. If you have any queries we can also address them via our store on 0161 831 9697. Sil By entertainment trader SELLER on 05 November 2016 See more answers (1) Then I would advise you to stay well clear. This is not a criticism of Amazon per se but a warning of a somewhat doggy listing using multiple seller ID's.
                      stutisoham(2 reviews)
                      Got a good deal on the Buffet Serving Hot Plate. The product is good but the service was excellent.
                        Johnny Storm(1 review)
                        The so called guarantee is worthless. Plus you are NOT covered using your credit card as Amazon are a third party.
                          neilbradshaw(1 review)
                          The only reason I signed up to pricespy was to leave an Amazon review. I was concerned that the star ratings for Amazon are below average. I have used many on-line purchasing sites and Amazon beats them all by miles. The site is easy to use, very flexible with multiple delivery addresses. Doesn't get stressed if you ship to a different address to the billing address on your card. You can cancel an order up to the time it ships. I have had refunds without drama when not happy with something. I haven't returned any goods on Amazon.co.uk but I have on Amazon.com when I received the wrong coloured article. This was seemless with a prepaid sticker, in the meantime the correct item was sent. What more does one expect?
                            Junio(4 reviews)
                            great service as usual
                              Amertner(1 review)
                              Generally very good and reliable
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                                Altermadness(1 review)
                                Expensive delivery, not for UK people to use really
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