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3 months ago
Prices ok but good service
2 years ago
Good service
3 years ago
always price match
4 years ago
Most of my appliances have been purchased from AO and the process has always been excellent. Delivery day can be chosen and you are given a delivery window on the day so you can go out without missing it. I marked it down 1 star because they always telephone and give a long speech to say how you get replacements in the event of breakdowns amongst other things and then right at the end, tell you how much extra it costs. Not a problem when you say no and they are always polite and friendly but I hate upselling. Now I just interrupt and say I am not interesed in the insurance to avoid having to listen to it. There is really no other point to the call because you already answered all the other questions about access and parking online.
4 years ago
ordering, and price matching service is straight forward but then theres no human involvement with that part, Delivery slot booked and arrived on time, we had paid to have our old appliance removed and this seemed to be an issue as they suggested they may have problems taking it on the phone call to say they were on the way, and that they had no room on the van. Maybe put it where the one you've delivered was? Delivery drivers seemed to struggle to get the appliance in despite me making sure there was a clear path and double french doors but eventually it was delivered. Upon leaving they also left several very deep scratches to my solid oak floor and door frame, so i rang up to notify AO.com. The person I spoke to was rude, told me I had a bad attitude and that he didn't see what the problem was, maybe he was having a bad day but its no excuse, if you don't want to answer the phone and be polite, then don't take a job in a call centre. Luckily his team leader was observing calls and he called me back to address the issue. This is now being dealt with by their "damage to property team". Ive been offered 10% off my next order, but being honest I probably won't use them again now, I understand that things can go wrong, and in the grand scheme of things a couple of scratches can be filled a little bit more empathy and an apology from the advisor would have meant a favourable review.
4 years ago
I have always had nightmares with their delivery service. Once two old geezers turned up who couldn't lift the fridge freezer up the stairs – they actually said they could leave it for me to do. Then, when I gave AO a second chance, they failed twice to deliver my dishwasher, which wasted two days of my time. The person I spoke to told me she had removed the installation charge as a goodwill gesture but when I checked, nothing had been done. All in all a shambles
5 years ago
Ordered a new TV online, chose delivery for the day after and on the day got a text specifying a 4 hour delivery window. The service is very good and put other retailers under pressure to match the standard. Additionally on the day of delivery I found the product cheaper at another online retailer, I phoned them up and they credited the difference back to me. Lots of places offer price matching but with lots of catches, John Lewis is a good example of this, but AO seem to genuinely match any price.
5 years ago
tried to purchase an item but telephone staff are rude and refused to honour their price match guarantee.