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    Harvest_This(2 reviews)
    Always loved Argos, and these days it's more reliable and linked up than ever, with their stock check, etc. They even have an app but the one time I tried it I found it to be clunky and very slow. I can't see any use for it at all considering that you can easily check stock on their site/mobile site - so why have an app as well? Their staff are almost always very helpful and friendly (of course you're going to get exceptions - seeing as they're human beings, not robots). When I did have a problem - my payment would not go through - I called them and they even advised what I should tell my bank to get it resolved. I suspect all these "brain dead staff" are coming from those awful people who think anyone who works in a shop is beneath them - if you treat people with that much disrespect, why would you expect them to run around after you still? The ONE criticism has to be when they have big reductions on items - you BETTER get in there quick, because whenever I've found out about the big reductions, they're out of stock EVERYWHERE. This can be very annoying - as you could accuse them of advertising something they cannot supply. So this knocks off the final star from me. But other than that you can't get much more legit or reliable than Argos.
      Customer support: a Nightmare. The female staff Members I had to speak to on the White Goods Support number do not have a clue about the product but are adamant they are correct. Very obstructive and determined not to help. So little knowledge! I will avoid Argos now after this experience.
        Jfearnley(2 reviews)
        Worst shop ever... the work collegues are brain dead and useless, most of the appliances are faulty or already brocken... wouldn't shop here if it was the last shop on earth!
        Edited 10/07/2017
          graham435(2 reviews)
          Website has been showing various Apple Sports Watches in stock for the best part of a week but there are none available, they do not appear to want to update their stock levels
            mmickkelley(1 review)
            This must be the simplest and cheapest way to buy a parrot Bebop drone and Skycontroller . Argos price brand new and collect from your local store £299.00 prices on the internet for used ones are a lot more around the £350.00 + mark for bebop 1 with skycontroller . This is backed up with Argos excellent guarantee. Why would anyone pick a 2nd hand one ?
              maykee(2 reviews)
              Reserve online collect in store. Easy
                Steve Payne(1 review)
                  Evanspj(1 review)
                  Easy to use
                    Unregistered40201(2 reviews)
                    I will always come back ! Love ARGOS!
                      spudp800(2 reviews)
                      Good service whenever I have needed to use them, convenient as they have late opening (after work)
                        Aziz82(1 review)
                        Do not trust Argos, If there is less than one star I will give Argos that twice time I put my reservation for this bike Bike and at the collection day I just received Sorry .... bla bla