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Don’t buy anything from here. They take your money even though they don’t have any stock. Then it takes then over a week to return your money.
SCAM SHOP! Item ordered and charged £9 for delivery, expected in 2 days. Following week I was told there was no stock and I can expect it in 5 days. Still no stock after 5 days. They offered me an alternative, but I asked for a refund. They told me it would take 5-7 days for refund, and now over 3 weeks of waiting and chasing, I still have yet to see my money back.
Disgusted. £9 delivery delayed me once already. Will be taking to court should they refuse to deliver again. You have been warned
Don't buy from this company. it is a SCAM, they sell products for very low price because they didn;t have the product in stock. After they keep changing delivery times and make impossible to get a refund. They blame the shipping companys but i really believe they never had the product and never shipped it. I asked to they send me the product in a 24 hours express delivery and they deny it, just showing that they dont have it. Please avoid it at all costs it is a SCAM.