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    Unregistered44537(1 review)
    The price was excellent. I ordered online and delivery was made the next day. The two people I talked to on the phone were nice and helpful.
      They had an extremely good offer on monitor that I was interested in so I though ok I will take the plunge. Website shown 5 in stock when I was ordering. I ordered 2 as I am using two monitor setup. Couple of days later received e-mail sorry we do not have it in stock (website still showing in stock) and they should have it one or two weeks later. I told them I can wait. The price changed to normal one and website for over a week still show that they have 2 in stock (same amount I ordered). Today I get an e-mail sorry we have none we have to cancel your order (website still showing 2 in stock). Very disappointed. If it was misprice just say it and I can understand. Otherwise I see no justification for that sort of actions from the company (especially that all the times their website still show the monitors are in stock ready for delivery - of course price is higher now). If it is a deal - AVOID. If it is normal price - well there are more trusted companies to deal with.