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BT fail(1 review)
Order cancelled without letting me know. Price went up 50% so I didn't bother purchasing again. Contacted customer services who wouldn't honour the original price even though the goods were not delivered due to a fault with their system. I'll order from Amazon instead
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Hubz(1 review)
I think most of the reviews on here must be fake, I have never had any problems with BT Shop or (dabs.com). They are always reasonably quick with reasonable postage charges.
BT Shop fail(1 review)
Tried for the first and last time two weeks ago. Ordered a TV on a Thursday, paid extra for Saturday delivery. Email and online status all confirmed it as dispatched ok. Come Saturday we wait at home all day and it never arrives, and all their customer service is Mon-Fri only. When I speak to them I'm told that the courier didnt collect the item on Friday so they couldnt deliver (I asked why I wasnt told so we werent waiting for delivery all day). Twice the courier tries to deliver while I am at work. Cancelled the order and still waiting for a refund to arrive in my account over a week later. Getting worried it never will arrive after reading other peoples experience here.
Paudy(1 review)
Shambles. Ordered a part on black friday sales as for a good deal. The part at the time said it was in stock. December came and I had yet to receive the item so I checked my orders only too see the item was processing and a "due date" up, which continued to be set back. It is now approaching the start of february and there is still a "due date" being pushed back. They mis-lead me by not informing me the part was not in stock and as it was on sale, the price went up in every shop which meant cancelling the order to purchase elsewhere was out the window, however if id have known at the time I could have purchased elsewhere for a similar deal. They have now reduced the price again to a lower price than the price of my original order which is ridiculous as they still havnt sent out multiple orders from almost 4 months earlier to customers but they have the cheek to advertise a product that hasnt been in stock for at least 4 months while customers who ordered in between who are still waiting on the advertised product will pay more. Does not make any sense. A waste of time by company who really doesnt care about its customer service. Not be a service or product bought from BT again regardless of the deal the are giving.
ConorOFl(1 review)
Sent wrong item - refused to refund! Worst experience I have ever had with an online shop. I ordered a new copy of Super Mario Odyssey, and instead received a used/open copy of Mario and Rabbids Kingdom battle. Imagine my surprise! It only got worse when BT Shop refused to issue a refund - accusing me of lying about the item! I have never been so annoyed and offended. I am now out £40 and stuck with a worthless item that they refuse to take back. What am I supposed to do???
dmorton(1 review)
Absolutely awful experience DO NOT - I repeat - DO NOT buy a TV(or anything for that matter) from BT SHOP. I purchased a TV from their website last week and it arrived with a terribly cracked screen (probably damaged in transit by an incompetent courier) and after speaking with the most ignorant, dishonest women from their useless customer services they refused to take it back for a refund. Unbelievably, they are accusing me of damaging the TV and have basically said that I am liable and I will have to accept losing £400 for a situation completely out of my hands and not my fault. I even contacted their management who gave me the same BS. Stick to Currys/John Lewis who are actually aware of consumer rights and will give a refund for damaged items. Feel as though I've been scammed.
Edited 09/12/2017
BieHuaQien(2 reviews)
SUMMARY I bought a £500 graphics card from BT Shop which was faulty, so I returned it. BT shop screwed up the refund multiple times over 9 months. I had to call them numerous times during that period and wasted an extraordinary number of hours on the phone with them as well as doing everything else that needed to be done to sort the problem (easily totalling a number of full working days). Near the end of the ordeal, they sent a veiled threat of referral to a ‘credit agency’, even though they made all the mistakes. I have received no compensation, no apology, or even notification that they sorted the issue. I wholeheartedly recommend against BT Shop at this poin t. For PC parts, I would recommend, www.ebuyer.com, www.scan.co.uk as better more reliable alternatives. They have not let me down when I’ve had issues. LONGER EXPLANATION I’ve been a longstanding customer of Dabs.com over the years. BT bought them at some point and eventually changed the name to BT Shop. I used them, Scan.co.uk and Ebuyer.com for many years and any issues I had were sorted quickly by all companies, though I did use Dabs/BT Shop the least of the three. All shops were competitive on pricing so were the first places I’d check for computer parts, as well as Amazon and a few other places. I purchased a £500 graphics card from BT Shop, as it had competitive pricing and came with a free boxed game as part of the deal. I didn’t really care about the game but it was free. Unfortunately the graphics card turned out to be faulty so I had to return it later. The free boxed game code was already consumed though, so I discussed with a BT Shop rep and they said that I would still be refunded the full £500 regardless because the game was free as part of an offer. They organised ParcelForce to do a return of the product, which went fine. One week later, BT Shop sent an email saying my refund had gone through. However, they refunded me £480 instead of £500. I called them again and they said it was an issue on their side and that the ‘free’ game was what made the £20 difference because their system couldn’t process the refund properly. They said that they would sort their error and refund me the missing £20. At this point, I had no qualms with BT Shop. It seems liked a genuine small error that should have been no problem for them to amend. A week later however, I got another email. Instead of refunding me the extra £20, they refunded me an extra £500 instead. This meant they over-refunded me £480 which I now owed them. I called them up to sort the issue out. The first time, after explaining everything, they informed me that the email system was apparently down, so they asked me to call again the next day, which I did. I had to explain what happened again and they said they’d call me later about it. They never did. I ended up calling them a lot of times about this but eventually gave up trying to give it back. I expected that they would either realise their mistake later, take back their money or they wouldn’t realise anything and I’d have extra money. I was unlikely to get into trouble because I already tried to return the money on multiple occasions, which they would know from their call logs. As expected, a few months later, the £480 was re-charged to my credit account. I did not get any notification about this from BT but left it alone because now the accounts were all squared up and I could move on…or so I thought. However, a few months after that, I received yet another email from BT. “It has come to our attention that we still have not received the payment for the refund we paid you twice.” It finished with a veiled threat: “If this is not resolved within 30 days, we will need to refer this to a credit agency.” So, 9 months after this whole debacle started, they were now threatening me with a ‘credit agency’ for money they had already took back. A few emails were sent back and forth, but I even had to get my bank statements, block out a lot of personal data, and send them a copy it as proof that they took my money already. After sending proof they replied back “I have forwarded this information to our accounts team and asked them to locate the payment and allocate to your account…I will update you when they have responded to me.” They never responded. I can only assume that they figured things out but didn’t have the courtesy to inform me. It’s either that or they’re going to chase me up again at some point again. Fortunately, I’ve been prudent enough to make notes of everything that happened, which is how I managed to stay on top of the whole debacle from the start. When dealing with any issues with some service, I recommend you take notes of when you called companies and what you were told, so that you know exactly what you’re talking about, even almost a year later, which I what I tend to do these days. In conclusion, I’ve had a monumentally long, laborious and stressful experience dealing with BT Shop customer service, completely unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before. They kept making all the mistakes but managed to threaten me with a credit agency referral. I lost accumulated days sorting out their constant mistakes. They never compensated me. They never apologised. They didn’t even bother to reply back. If you buy from BT Shop and something goes wrong, you were warned. PS: I don’t know how linked customer service for BT phone/broadband services and BT shop are but I’ve also had an issue with BT phone/broadband where they still owe me credit of £65. As of the time of writing, it’s been a year and they still haven’t given me the money back yet (but hopefully soon…). Update 09/12/2017 I eventually did get my £65 back, though not as a result of this complaint but because I chased them up again around the time I initially wrote the review. With regards to the the graphics card, I was contacted by a customer rep at BT. They offered a £50 BT Shop voucher as compensation and apologies, saying that it wasn't normal practice for BT Shop regards to what I went through with them. Frankly, £50 didn't feel enough for the amount of trouble they caused me, which took significant amounts of time and effort but I accepted it and made an order online. However, even that order went wrong. Firstly, my credit card company phoned me regarding it because it triggered their fraud detection. I sorted things with them though and phoned BT who said my order was still pending. 3 days later, I looked online to check my order status...cancelled. It said online to check my emails, but no such emails existed. I phoned BT shop and the sales rep said my card was declined and that she’d put the order through again. The sales rep said they’d call back in an hour but they never did. 5 days after that, I phoned them again and they said they didn’t know why but my order was kept ‘on hold’ when it shouldn’t have been. I eventually received my order 10 days after ordering (expected 1-3 days delivery) and only after having to chase them up again. To conclude, my experience shows these issues really do seem to be standard practice with BT Shop. I wouldn’t recommend buying from them as any decent price that they have is not worth the hassle. You have been warned (in detail).
Unregistered44769(3 reviews)
Absolutely awful service. I ordered eight hard drives for a new NAS that I bought, only to be asked to send a copy of my passport, drivers license, and bank statement to a call centre in the Philippines. I've never experienced such hassle when trying to order computer equipment. The call centre staff in the Philippines were obstinate and returned, and when I asked to speak to someone in the UK, they hung up on me. Quite franky, I'm not comfortable sending personal identification to the Philippines and I cancelled the entire order. AVOID
mustakim(1 review)
If you are deemed to be a threat to the society, you'll be asked to submit passport, driving licence, bank statements etc. They can go and F* their security policy - I cancelled my order, it's not an airport! and I was just trying to buy a TV with MY money after paying all the taxes and national insurances at a higher rate! :@
Reply by BT Shop:2017-03-29
Hi mustakim, Sorry to hear about your experience with us at BT Shop. Sometimes we do random security checks as part of our fraud prevention scheme. Thanks, Alex
willm(1 review)
Wish I had looked at the last review before using this link. Appalling service. BT shop appears to have camera in stock with quoted 1-3 days delivery. However, order still "processing" and money held in PayPal 2 weeks later! Phone lines only open Monday - Friday 9-5 and they closed them early so almost impossible to get in touch! Very slow response to emails and unsatisfactory response. Avoid BT shop!
Reply by BT Shop:2017-01-03
Really sorry to hear this, have you managed to get it resolved?
dagiccross(1 review)
Awful. Worst shop ever. Bought it when it's 10 in stock waited a week still no response. Cancelled item and won't refund. Had to dispute a case on PayPal... so more waiting and your money is held and you can't do anything! Buyer avoid this bt shop!
Reply by BT Shop:2016-12-12
Really sorry to hear about this experience. We've just sent you a DM to try and resolve. Thanks, Alex
colinwhitevicaw(1 review)
Check out does not work - price multiplied by quantity does not equal basket total. Buyer beware! Support contact details are not correct - says opening times but this are incorrect
Reply by BT Shop:2016-11-09
Hi @colinwhitevicaw, We apologise for your bad experience. Did you manage to place your order? What opening times were you looking at? Our customer service department are open 9am - 5pm Mon-Fri. Thanks, BT Shop
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