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    Jetmoo(3 reviews)
    Had a couple of orders with Dabs recently and have found them to be excellent. Fulfilled faultlessly though the free delivery is not the fastest out there. Expect up to five working days but for non time sensitive if fine. Great process on my stuff too!
      rebelsh33p(1 review)
      I have used dabs for 15 years for various computer components from power supplys, memory, motherboards, desktops, NAS, hard drives (many, about 10 over the last 15 years). In the last year I have purchased 2 hard drives and two NAS. I chose the wrong model NAS the first time and had to send it back. The returns process was very smooth, printed labels from their site and their courier picked it up on the agreed day and time slot. Even though NAS had been opened, they accepted it back with no quibble. Way back (about 2002) I bought some IBM drives from them - a couple of deskstars. They died quite quickly - but was a known IBM fault at the time with production (they came to be nicknamed deathstars by users). Dabs replaced them with equivalent Western Digitals for me when they didn't have to - they could have easily just passed the buck and referred me to IBM (was after 28 days). Instead they just fixed the problem. Must have purchased over 50 items from them over the years ALWAYS had excellent service.
        steveallinson(1 review)
        Like others have mentioned here, a total waste of time. Advertise products that they do not have. Tried ordering a Samsung TV. Says 47 left in stock. Add to basket, create account and then it tells you it's not in stock and tries selling some rubbish alternative. Used to be a decent site. Avoid now. Time wasters.
          Ignaw(1 review)
          This shop is the WORST, they don't know what they have in stock + they took my order waited 3 days to tell me that it's not in stock + they use royal mail as delivery company (slowest possible thing). Finally my delivery was confirmed, I had it on 1 day delivery guess how long it took them to deliver another 3 days. At delivery tracking it said we received parcel e.g. Tuesday, then (according to website) whole Wednesday my package did nothing(?!). My whole pc build was on hold because someone lazy couldn't check the stock. TL;DR: Not worth the time, slow, unreliable. @Rohanpaul your review sounds like propaganda.
            Archawk(2 reviews)
            Waited for them to send the Samsung EVO 850 ssd for 1.5 weeks and after that they just cancelled my order without asking by saying that the price that they had advertised was set too low (it wasn't that much cheaper than the competition btw). Avoid.
              JPK38(1 review)
              the worst shop ever. took my order, then called me up the following day to go through security and then do it again the following day. Website said two tvs available then blamed my credit card company for not able to process the bill, went on line daily to see delivery date changing daily until one day, about a week later the order cancelled. spoke to various rude people who wouldn't even respond to a direct question. its cheaper because it doesn't have the stock and wastes time
                johnwhyte19(1 review)
                Avoid at all cost ...because it will cost...Ordered a Thrustmaster Hotas then checked the delivery date..but it would not arrive in store until sometime later...I cancelled my order but realized they kept the postage money..Although its only a couple of quid do this to a couple of thousand people and its quids in for doing nothing...Might set one up...Hope this helps others from ordering from the BT Shop...
                  ASGR(7 reviews)
                  Horrendous service for me too! Ordered something from store and it didn't look like the thing I ordered. Asked for advice and they didn't want to offer any options or a refund! They cost me months in messing around. They just grabbed the money and ran. I'll look into the BT Shop link as well, thanks for post. Never again.
                    deathblade505(1 review)
                    DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME as they are simply out to WASTE YOUR TIME. You are unlikely to get your order from them if the item is cheaper than anywhere else. This is the exact same shop as DABS. I know this because when you create a BT Shop account you can use it to log into the exact same shop front apart from the BT logo over at Dabs. As others below have basically said, this shop is advertising products very competitively but never actually fulfill your order. I ordered a driving force GT from them. On their website it stated that it was ordered upon purchase. So I gave my details and they stated it would arrived from their suppliers 7-10 days. Well, those 7-10 days have passed by, and guess what, I have to wait yet another 7-10 days. They have since put up the price of this item, but it's still lower than other shops. However, they simply can't or won't deliver on these items. They should be investigated.
                      rohanpaul(1 review)
                      Very competitive price, easy to order and prompt next day delivery,
                        Unregistered21361(1 review)
                        I've purchased a few PC components from Dabs over the past twelve months. Every time I've received high quality items, well packaged, & delivered within a couple of working days from time of order. Goods have always been exactly as described and so I've never felt disappointed when receiving the actual items & inspecting them. Prices are always very competitive with other outlets. The Dabs support team are second to none and when I contacted them for advice they really helped me to choose which product to purchase to suit my needs, and my wallet. No pressure selling or trying to sell to gain max profit. Just good, honest advice. I've just placed another with them today & looking forward, without any trepidation, to receive the goods. When I'm looking to buy upgrades, or pc components, or if I need advice on finding the right product, Dabs.com is my first choice. I can't fault them.
                          JahStep(1 review)
                          I ordered MSI R9 280x 18th and it was showing on website on stock ... today us 27th my order is pending i received message stock will be 16 of December?! this company it is a joke if you want your item buy from ebay or amazon dont waste your time with this company one big disappointment
                            nuckley(1 review)
                            I placed an order for a PC Joystick with the BT Shop, lured in by a significantly lower price than other online retailers. When my order was placed it turned out the item was not in stock, but was awaiting delivery. After a month the item was still awaiting delivery. The BT Shop are essentially advertising goods that they don't have and I consider this completely unacceptable. I cancelled my order and will be buying this from somewhere else. I never intend to shop at this deceitful online store again.
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