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15 days ago
I have to say that I am only writing this review because of Cameraworld's pricing shenanigans. For example - on the 19/11/2020 if you navigate to CW's site and search for the FE 24mm f1.4 GM in the search bar the results that come back show that lens at a price of £1200 (it is also the price that shows on PriceSpy). Immediately in small print the result stub states that this is only with cashback, you pay £1300 today. Fine, you think, let's click on the actual lens product page to proceed - you do so only to see that on the product page the price is actually £1249 including cashback, you pay £1349 today. Which is it, Cameraworld? And why state the item price as the post cashback price? Why not do like many other photography sites and stores do and state the retail price and inform the user that there is cashback available in a prominent way? Presumably because that way comparison sites like PriceSpy and CameraPriceBuster will index £1349 and rank you lower compared to your photography store peers, whereas right now they index the price as £1200 thereby driving traffic to your site. I'd like this chain to succeed and buy from them instead of Amazon for example, as they are local to me and a proper high street store, but I am only happy to do so if I don't get manipulated like this just to tease out an extra £50 here and there.
4 years ago
I have bought the majority of my photographic equipment from this supplier. The service has been first class with quick deliveries. Items have been very well packed, with plenty of padding/protection. The range of items on offer is very good and at reasonable cost compared to some suppliers. Although there are some suppliers offering goods at cheaper prices (grey imports), I have not been tempted to move because I have found Camera World to deliver what they promise from UK shops (one in London and the other in Chelmsford).
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