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    mr dupont(1 review)
    A terrible experience from start to finish. I ordered the wrong item and cancelled the order around half an hour later when the status was still showing that the item had not been picked or dispatched yet. Since I was using their online mail to canceI I assumed that this was being dealt with in real time. I even rang Debenhams Online but could only get the sales team (no customer service available), one of which said he would try to confirm that the order had been cancelled. I said it was imperative as I would only refuse delivery anyway. He also said that the emails concerning orders wouldn't be read until Monday morning as there would be no-one there on a Sunday which is when it all took place. At least an hour and a half after I cancelled the status was still not dispatched so I assumed I had been successful in cancelling. On Monday I had email correspondence with them saying I had ordered and immediately cancelled but THEY COMPLETELY IGNORED THIS COMPLAINT and having refused delivery and after over TWO WEEKS waiting for a refund or even acknowledgement they had got the item back they didn't refund the postage. Utterly useless web ordering system unlike Amazon. Utterly non caring customer service unlike Amazon. Contacting them costs 13p a minute and of course can be very long winded... quelle surprise! A cheap and nasty way of extracting a measly £12 from someone and disabling £615 I could have used over Christmas.. Guess where I'll be getting the next product online from! Somewhere that listens!
      spudp800(2 reviews)
      Ordered item online. After a week I had to chase up the order only then to be told that they would not have the item in stock for another three weeks. Very poor communication.