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sexytimemick(1 review)
Ordered a TV and was going to arrange a courier to pick up and deliver as I live in Northern Ireland. When I explained this over the phone the salesman tone changed and he abruptly told me they couldn't do this as I had to pick up the TV myself and present ID and the card I bought the TV with. When I asked why is this he again abruptly told me thats the way it is. Awful service!
Stephen Stanley(1 review)
Not new stock
grahamsnr(1 review)
Not in Stock! Weren't in stock a week ago, Had no right to publicise a fictitious price!
Placan(6 reviews)
I was waiting for Pick up TV for 2 weeks and day before pick up I get phone call that my TV gone and they doesn't have any more in stock. I've been very dissapointed however money have been refunded straight away.