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curlykale(1 review)
The worst company I have ever dealt with. I paid for a vacuum cleaner 3 weeks ago. No sign of it and I’ve contacted them lots of times through their site. I have filed a case against them because I used PayPal. I will need to wat a week. They are the most incompetent people ever. Don’t deal with them. It’s pure theft on their part!
Anushka(1 review)
I ordered the IPhone 2 weeks ago, but I haven't received my parcel. It's fraud and I am regretting now.
Greg(1 review)
Should be 0 These e are a bunch of scammers. Don't do any business with them if you do you will regret it. I'm a genuine shopper and just spreading the word. How these type of companies are allowed to trade freely is wrong.