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    Peter(1 review)
    Always use Ebuyer for all my purchases. They offer great prices and the customer service is always great whenever I need help!
      Zoe(1 review)
      Great customer service, competitive pricing, will definitely buy from Ebuyer again!
        Cargo(1 review)
        Bought some RAM recently - great price and speedy delivery!
          D mcHale (1 review)
          Been using ebuyer for over 5 years and never had a problem. Great company and excellent customer service.
            Chiledip(1 review)
            Used to be OK. Prices good however be warned. These guys use yodel for delivery and they lose and break loads. Ebuyer are the worst to deal with if there is a problem,do everything they can not to reimburse you.Customer service is horrible.You are taking a big risk by buying from ebuyer these days,the most unscrupulous company in the UK IT industry IMO.Scan,Box,CCL,novatech and many others much safer. Ebuyer are the only company in this market that I would advise people to avoid now that Eclipse Computers aren't around.
            Reply by eBuyer:2019-03-11
            Good morning. I am sorry to hear of the experience you have received with our customer and courier service. If you are able to email me your order number to cheryl@ebuyer.com, I will be happy to review this further for you. Kind regards Cheryl
              javism1(6 reviews)
              I have bought several components from them with no problem.
                Joe from here (2 reviews)
                Best company to buy from - will always use them
                  JamesRXC(1 review)
                  I ordered a graphics card from this retailer, during a recent sale. They despatched it to me via Yodel. Regarded as the worst delivery company in the UK, Yodel then inevitably proceeded to lose my package at their depot, though they never actually told me this. Instead after a week of waiting I contacted Ebuyer customer support, who said they would look into the issue. Despite this it took me calling them daily for three days for any action to be taken. They said they had sent me an email, but nothing arrived from them until after I called for the third time and found out the package had been lost. Ebuyer offered to send a replacement, but then said the item was out of stock, and that I could either have a refund or a similar product that was still in stock though was a higher price, if I payed the difference. I asked for the similar item, and enquired whether I could get a similar (rather small) discount as the original item, seeing that I had bought it on a sale that was now over. They said no. Instead saying they would send it with complimentary next day delivery, which the store page for the original item said it was supposed to have had anyway. I also asked if the item could be delivered by someone other than Yodel, they said no to that too. Now just wanting my item, I asked them to send it. I then got a reply telling me that in cases where a delivery company has lost the item they can only replace with the exact model, and that since this was out of stock my order was now cancelled. I was not impressed. So to summarise, they use a terrible delivery company (Yodel) as standard, made little to no effort to compensate me for the trouble when things went wrong, and then could not even be bothered to make sure I could get an item at all, even when I was prepared to pay more money. I certainly will never be ordering from these people again, and advise that no one else does either.
                  Reply by eBuyer:2019-02-14
                  Hi there, I am very sorry to hear your order was lost in transit and you were unhappy with the service you have received. Please email me your order number so I can review this further. My email address is kat@ebuyer.com. Kind Regards, Kat
                    DSHEPHERD(2 reviews)
                    I just ordered a GPU card from eBuyer and chose the 'next day delivery' as the timer said I had time to buy. The card didn't arrive next day and when asked for refund was told 'your order came in on time but wasn't processed before 11pm, so as per our T&Cs you aren't entitled to a refund'. Shocking behaviour and attitude as this could have been easily solved by ending the timer say 1 hr earlier and not conning customers into thinking they could fulfill orders.
                    Reply by eBuyer:2019-02-14
                    Hi there, I am sorry to hear your order missed the cut off for next working day delivery. Please email me so I can review your order further. My email address is kat@ebuyer.com. Kind Regards. Kat
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                      Unregistereda3f810f3(1 review)
                      Beware of Ebuyer. They will do all they can to refuse an RMA. They are claiming I left cables out of the box which I 100% did not. Unless a ghost has entered my house and stolen them. All the cables supplied where returned . My word against theirs, they are now refusing to accept the return and are sending a faulty PSU back to me. WTF!
                        ken_mon(1 review)
                        customer service is good but not perfect, for example when i didnt get my codes for 2 free games with my graphics card purchase, they sent the codes for each game but i had to email 2 times for the 2 different games. Deliveries of purchases were good and had no problems with any of the items i bought from them although a friend told me he did have a problem with the power supply he purchased from them with some unusual noise from the fan. But as i said personally i had no issues with the products they sell.
                          bennnxo(1 review)
                          Ive pretty much exclusively bought all my PC gaming parts from Ebuyer for the best part of 5 years now, never had any issues, everything is always in excellent working condition and delivered on time if not before. 10/10, would ̶b̶a̶n̶g̶ buy from again.
                            SuhenR(1 review)
                            Rubbish company and customer service. They would actually lie to their customers just to get extra money. I ordered a graphics card and it was discontinued a few days later. They then canceled my order and relisted it with a higher price the very next day. A bunch of illegal scammers ! Order number: 24776604
                              BieHuaQien(2 reviews)
                              I've used Ebuyer since around 2011 and have been very happy with them overall. My other go to places for computer parts are Scan.co.uk (also since 2011) and Amazon. Prices between the three sites are competitive. I awarded 4 and not 5 stars because, though I found the service good, I can't help but feel that Scan's service is better. I think it may be the accumulation of a number of small factors, including slightly better pricing for the items I've bought and better packaging of items to protect them from damage in transit. Regardless, I recommend Ebuyer as somewhere to shop for computer parts.
                                Elloit(2 reviews)
                                They are cheap, but the return service is absolutely abysmal. I got a laptop for my son, he used it for his studies, it went faulty and it took them a full two months to resolve the issue. Never again!
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