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6 months ago
For Logitech C920 price by Ejobber on PriceSpy given as £46.94. Go to Ejobber site and price quoted is a ludicrous £238.68. Agree with other posters that Ejobber may be 'gaming' PriceSpy.
10 months ago
I paid for an item and promised 3-5 day delivery. This item was never sent and Ejobber claimed that DPD Ireland failed to deliver. DPD tell me they have not had a failed attempt to my address but Ejobber want me to pay a further €60 to "try to deliver again". They then went on to called me a scam on the telephone and said they are cancelling my order. There is only one scam going on here and that is Ejobber trying to get more money from me for an item I have already paid for. Avoid this company at all cost!. I have not received my money back from them yet!
a year ago
How are this guys still in business? Order an item 1 week ago and paid for the express delivery. Rang the week after as I saw on the order email that I would receive another email when the order was shipped and so far nothing. I was told it will be with me tomorrow and that I should receive an email today with the tracking number. Waiting for the next day, no email, no item. Rang again, was told exactly the same thing, they still couldnt provide me with a tracking number. Waited for another day and rang one more time. Still no sign of any emails or the item. I was told there was a delay on the courier side. They promised me someone will contact me on that day with more information. Not a single email/call. The next day I rang only to be told that my order had been cancelled because DPD couldnt deliver. I know this is not true since first, I work from home and I am here 24/7, and second, we have a concierge service in the complex, DPD knows this and are familiar with it so now way they will miss it (plus they are in from 8am-6pm). Asked for a tracking number, couldnt give it to me. They said they will contact me soon with it... yeah right. I mean, they are absolutely horrible, I dont know if they are lying ... ahem... or if they send it to the wrong address. Worst thing is that since I logged this I have had no contact from them, no email apologizing or explaining me what happen, its always me that has to ring/contact them. At least they refunded me the item, now it will take up to 15 days for paypal to give me my money back. Will never use it again, how others had used them and are happy with it is beyond me. This guys are as bad as it gets. What a joke, how is this company still in business... You really want to avoid them
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