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6 years ago

Bought the LG 49UH610V from these guys as they were the cheapest seller, no problems and great TV!

6 years ago

I bought a TV from Electrical Experience via the website. The screen was damaged, but there was no external evidence of damage that a visual inspection could pick up. Electrical Experience refuse to do a replacement or refund because they say I should have inspected the goods fully when it was delivered - that seems like a ridiculous ask. I don't think any delivery person would wait around whilst I plugged a TV in and tested it. I am now going to have to take them to court to recover my money. In my opinion, they have this impossible condition because they know it can't be met, and use this twist to offload defective and/or refurbished goods with impunity knowing the goods have problems - the evidence suggests that it's almost certainly a clever scam, and use unfair terms and conditions to hide behind. Electrical Experience may be cheap, but if what I experienced is anything to go by you will be seriously sorry you bought from them. UPDATE: This is a response I had from Electrical Experience to my review: On further investigation we can see that the TV was delivered on the 16th September and the issue wasn't reported or raised until the 12th October (27 days later) therefore we are unable to accept your claim. Our website terms and conditions state: IMPORTANT NOTICE! On acceptance of your delivery, if you are unable to check the contents of the package please sign the delivery note UNCHECKED! Time Limitation for Notification of Claims Damage in transit. Please ensure goods are checked at the time of delivery. If goods arrive in a damaged condition, we ask customers to write this on the delivery consignment note at the time of delivery and inform us while the delivery drivers are still at the property. If you have received damaged goods you must inform us immediately . Kind Regards Electrical Experience. This is my response to their statement for clarification: 10 Nov - Update: I think it just goes to show exactly what kind of operators they are. From an ethical point of view if they expect everyone to fully inspect every item delivered, and then mark it "Unchecked" at the point of delivery if it can't be fully checked, then that should be made clear at the point of delivery and not buried somewhere in a mass of T&Cs. Basically, their standpoint is they are relying on people failing to meet this dubious condition assuming they don't know it exists - this is the exact opposite of customer service. It's a slimy practice. I did do the visual checks that could be done practically and quickly. In that respect, I met the T&Cs. I could not expect the delivery person to wait for me to plug the TV in and turn it on - that's is an utterly ridiculous expectation. If that is their expectation, then every electrical item ever delivered would have to be marked "Unchecked", as it would then require subsequent use of the device to prove it actually does work. So, then why have the condition in the first place? Basically, their customers are dealing with pot luck. If an item works, good, if it doesn't you are stuck with a dud as Electrical experience will hide behind the T&Cs. The T&Cs do not state any time limit for checking the functionality of any device - I did ring and ask customer services, and I was told that no one could tell me, but they thought it might be 30 days - that should be stated in the T&Cs if it's bone fide condition. They seem to be making it up as they go along. None of this is the point anyway. When I first turned the TV on and discovered the fault I informed them within the hour. The timescale to that point is not the issue here. Hiding behind arcane T&Cs to avoid discharging their moral duty is bad karma and intensely disappointing behaviour from a retailer. The fact that Electrical Experience has responded to my review in such a way shows they actually believe they are doing the right thing. Unbelievable!

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