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Do not use this company ! Believe the bad ratings not the good ones After 5 weeks of no direct communication (the only time I was contacted was after I gave a bad review) no Television arrived no refund. I had to use my credit card company to get my money back.
robin user.total-reviews
absolutely shocking - If you have also had money stolen by this company please use the 'european commission online dispute resolution' otherwise I don't think we'll ever see our money again. It's now week 6 and i have no product and no refund. If you want to see just how bad this company is, search for NT stores review on Trust Pilot - I wish i had prior to using. After waiting 3 weeks for my order to arrive (I even paid extra for a 2 day delivery service!) I contacted NT stores to see where the item was. NT Stores told they had not got the item in stock and would issue a refund immediately. I messaged them every 3 to 4 days to see where my refund had got and they issued the standard response each time. I left a bad review and then they threatened to take my house and car for defamation of character! I was also told to take the bad review away and they would pay back. this was almost 2 weeks ago and I still have not received any money back. almost £220 for nothing! Easily the worst company I have had ever had to deal with .
Delivery said 7 - 10 days, still no delivery and won't answer emails. Asked for refund and they still have my money. I recommend not to use this company.
Sam Edwards user.total-reviews
Good product with the best price. Satisfied
Products delivered as ordered and on time. Thanks
Ordered this product and although delivery is promised to be 3 to 5 working days, it has been 10 working days and the product has still not been received. Customer service is unable to provide concrete or helpful answers. It will be a risk to purchase from this company.
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Outstanding Service! You reap what you sow! I recently bought a Panasonic Lumix FZ-82 camera from NTStore UK and not only am I absolute delighted with the product, the price was excellent and the service was brilliant! Fabrice, the Head of customer services was outstanding! Definite recommendation for NTStore UK and also my bargain of the year! Having said that, I nearly did not buy because of caustic and destructive comments. Reviews should only be constructive, but have read so many of late for various products that are just plain vicious and should be removed. NTStore initially appeared to have an issue with supply and off the back of several derogatory online comments I rang up and spoke to Fabrice. He has been brilliant and did his best to successfully and quickly resolve matters whilst keeping me constantly updated. Yes, there was an initial hiccup, but had no urgency and was happy for the camera to arrive a few days later than anticipated. How do you think a destructive comment helps you, the supplier or other potential customers? If you have an issue, tell them and work with them. Fabrice obviously wanted to give the best possible service and price. He has a passion if there are issues, to understand them and put them right. Don’t you want the best for yourself and others? Do you not realize, that if you work with suppliers they in turn will have more time to give us all better service and prices? Time to get out from under your bridges into the light and take a look at yourselves. Get a life and give something back to society! Make reviews constructive and not destructive. Try working with people and maybe you might get something out of life instead of the sorry existences you are currently stuck in!
JM461 user.total-reviews
Very professional I bought an SSD Disk. They were informative about availability, did not say products were available when they were not. Payment were fine and upon ordering delevery what done exactly as they specified.
Kurt user.total-reviews
Good price, quick delevery, well happy
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