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Outdoor Value Review(1 review)
I purchased a softball bat from Doidge Ltd over the Internet, whose seller business name is - Outdoor Value. In Great Yarmouth. They use a UK Mail delivery service at that leaves your goods with a neighbour if you aren't at home, even though you've left a note on the door advising any visiting couriers not to. At no point was I made aware of this possibility. Apparently the level of service this seller uses instructs the driver to do that. When contacting the seller to advise them of the wayward parcel I was told it was delivered as far as they were concerned, even though it wasn't actually. I was told to go knock on their door and ask for it. I contacted the courier to ask them to collect the parcel when passing and re-deliver to the correct address, which is on the parcel. The seller/sender found out about the request, as it showed up on his courier account and instructed the courier not to pick up the parcel and to leave it remaining at the wrong address. Nowhere in the sale did it state that you must be on chummy terms with all your neighbour's if you encounter a parcel that was left elsewhere. So, if you're either a shy, anxious, private, housebound person, or you have a neighbour who you'd rather avoid, or not bother, it's not so straightforward. The end result has left me a few quid out of pocket and no bat. Not to mention, lots of lost time & stress dealing with this. The bat was later picked up from the wrong address and returned to Outdoor Value by the courier, but to date, Outdoor Value - Doidge Ltd deny receiving it back, even though I have a recipient name, date, time of signature and tracking number. A terrible experience throughout. It's been a merry-go-round of excuses and denials. And at a cost to my time and pocket.