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2 years ago
I have bought several components from them with no problem. Expensive delivery and no free option.
3 years ago
Prices are higher than others in the industry and their customer support team were extremely rude when contacted. I would avoid / consider other retailers if possible.
3 years ago
They have a monopoly on PC parts within the UK, their prices are slightly higher than other UK based retailers because of this. Their aftermarket and support teams are ignorant and unhelpful. They sell B-Grade items and do not adhere to the standard manufacturers warranty. I would say they're mediocre at best. Consider other retailers first.
4 years ago
Extremely fast (ordered at about 4pm, received the next day), great delivery company that gives constant updates of where your package is and they even put a small treat in the package. I'm only dropping them down a star because the way that they make you pay with Paypal gives them recurring access to your Paypal account. They do this to enable one-click ordering, apparently, but the reason that I use Paypal is so that I do not have to trust merchants' security. (You can of course log into Paypal and revoke this, which I did, but it is a pain.)
4 years ago
Prices aren't always the best, but very good customer service. Great communication.
5 years ago
Good guys, easy to deal with and informative.
6 years ago
Not always the cheapest of place to buy from, but I have never had any issues with them, and am always happy to buy from them, plus free Haribo with each order!