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I ordered and paid, with my Visa credit card, for an LG65UF850V on 3rd of June from When I hadn't heard from them with a delivery date by 7th, My wife phoned and asked them what was happening with our new TV. I was listening on speakerphone and this is what he told her. "We haven't been able to deliver the TV because the 2 men who do our deliveries have been breaking too many things so they have been sacked, however we have 2 new ones starting tomorrow, so we should soon be able to deliver it, also by the way, we have upgraded your TV at no extra cost, to a LG65UF950V" at this point my wife told him we did not order a LG65UF950V and we wanted the TV that we had ordered namely a LG65UF850V. On hearing this he then said “There may be a problem with your postcode I will have to check with the couriers” (I thought he’d sacked them) I then took the phone from my wife and asked him what on earth he was talking about, but unfortunately he doesn’t listen he just shouts louder than you can. He then stated that “No money has been debited from your visa account as they never take payment prior to being ready to deliver” At this point the call ended. About 30 minutes later I received an email from rlrdistribution cancelling my order because of an “undeliverable postcode”?? I went onto my bank and the full payment of £1899.00 had been debited from my account on 3rd June 2016 by the same day I placed the order. We phoned again and this time he said the money takes several days to get from our account into his so he can’t refund the money until it gets into his bank. I have made a report to my credit card company and today we phoned him again, I had to shout over him to give him the ultimatum that unless the money is refunded into my account by tomorrow morning, I am going to make a police complaint. The Company I purchased the TV from is Birmingham But the Company who took the money from my Visa account was Tvsandmore Birmingham. So its obviously one and the same company. Finaly both company’s are still advertising the LGUF850V for sale at £1899..00 & £1799.00. respectively and my ‘Upgrade’ is on sale priced at. £1549.00 elsewhere on line.
Great price for a great tv, delivered on time, good service
Ordered 'in stock' TV at a great price. Order accepted by RLR Distribution. Waited 5 days for delivery advice and received a CANCELLATION notice from RLR Distribution with Cancellation reason as 'CANCELLATION'. Still waiting for my refund. BTW: Disgusted! Your order # xxxx, which was placed with us on 13 January 2015 has been cancelled. Any payments made on your card at this time will be refunded shortly, and the order will no longer be available to view in your account. Reason for cancellation Header Cancelled