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ASGR(7 reviews)
Trying to sell me used drives at new market prices without HGST warranty!
Reply by Span:2018-02-15
This is a lie or fake review. We have never sold "used drives" in 25 years. Please provide an order or invoice number.
Hooloovoo-UK(23 reviews)
I bought something off this company that said it would be delivered in 10 days. Eight days later they messaged me to say it was going to be another two months. At that point they were still showing the delivery date as 10 days away on their site when it was actually two months, but they later fixed that. When I contacted them they were pretty good to deal with and flexible about how to deal with it and ended up giving me a full refund, but the whole thing was a bit annoying.
Barry Unwin(4 reviews)
Never had any issues using them..good company. Responsive
dunkurs(2 reviews)
nice store, experts + next day delivery
Unregistered23431(1 review)
Shopped before. great service. Same day and next day delivery options. Live chat with expert advice. Strongly recommend!