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    dilsan(1 review)
    This is my first review ever, could not stop myself writing this. I ordered uk version of the Microsoft Surface Pro with accessories plus a pen for a price that was slightly better off than the next best. Let’s look at the comedy of errors. Firstly they sent me only the tablet with a German plug without a pen, Amazon status was showing as delivered interestingly when it was only partially delivered. Then I contacted to raise 3 concerns; Pen was not delivered Keyboard missing Charger was German Tronix Computers then sent another courier including pen, uk charger and key board. They said key board was not part of the deal but has sent one as good will I compensate for the mess. I could have easily bought all in one deal for only paying another £20 or so from other suppliers. Anyway I thanked but then bumped into another issue; The key board was German.. They said they will arrange a pick up of my German keyboard from my office address but again..... After waiting for 3 days, no one picked up my keyboard from me and tablet was still unusable Then they said your delivery company handed over a label to a stranger at my address instead of picking up the keyboard from me, I have no clue of what it means! So I said if they can’t pay for another pick up, I can post it to you myself and pay for it so that they send me back UK version. They refused and asking me to return the whole thing. Also to note that there is no paper work apart from one bill which itself is wrongly prepared with wrong break down and numbers. Through out this process, they have not apologised a single time for any of these mistakes. Now I am having to buy another English type cover for £100+ and left with a spare German version.
      jmg000(1 review)
      My purchase was a very good price. It arrived well packaged. I had selected free delivery and expected the product to arrive within 5-8 days as suggested on the website. It actually arrived well within 48 hours. Very pleased