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    Jack Davis(1 review)
    Avoid this company like the plague. They take your money, never respond to e-mail and you can’t call them. No contact number. They shouldn’t be trading because they are con artists
      Jason Pickston(1 review)
      PLEASE AVOID, TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE Sent the wrong item, then never answered any e-mails or phone calls, i would have liked to give a zero. PLEASE AVOID
        Cambelt2001(1 review)
        As with other reviews left for UK Dapper they do not send out what was ordered and do not respond to emails etc. Paid for with PayPal so have started refund process.
          Eva(1 review)
          I have placed an order and waited over a week. No item, no reply. After another few days I have received email saying that I have not emailed them after placing order. What is this? Since when you need to contact online seller after paying foe something to say to dispatch your item. I am waiting few days to get instruction how to return item for a full refund. Awful seller, incompetent customer service and really bad experience.
            VicM(1 review)
            Absolutely appalling experience with this company. I ordered a product and was sent a different one. I emailed them about 5 times and called several times, all of these attempts went unanswered. In the end I had to open a PayPal dispute to get my money back. I finally received 3 emails in a row from the company straight after PayPal retrieved my money... 3 weeks after I had sent the original ones. Too little too late! All this hassle to spend a couple of pounds less for a product, I wish I'd just ordered from a reputable company and saved myself all this bother. Avoid this company!
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              torwood(1 review)
              Avoid like the Plague - They appear to be SCAMMERS In good faith I placed an order with this company on 2 April 2018 which I paid. The order has not been delivered and all attempts to contact the company by email or telephone remain unanswered. The company is either incompetent or being run as a scam. My advice to anyone considering buying from them is DON'T buy anything, they are clearly ripping people off and I will be referring the company to Trading Standards.