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The 10 most popular gadgets on Black Friday 2019

Can you guess which gadgets were the most interesting during Black Friday 2019? 

Daniel Haaf

7 November 2020

Did you know that British consumers mostly look for deals on tech items on Black Friday? Our statistics show that TV’s, mobile phones and headphones were the most popular products on this big sales day.

In fact, 73 out of 100 of the most popular products on PriceSpy during Black Friday last year were a tech gadget of some sort. And 45 out of our 100 most popular categories were tech-related. 

However, you don’t need to look far to find a product on our top 100 list that isn’t a tech gadget. Already in second place is the first one, a pair of running shoes by Adidas. Thereafter the next one is in 11th place, also a pair of running shoes, this time by Nike.

The Top Ten consists of three headphones, two game consoles, an Xbox game, a TV, a mobile phone, a pair of running shoes and a mobile speaker.

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Those who bought any of the most popular products at the lowest price during Black Friday saved only £4.30 on average compared to 14 days earlier. 

The product from the list with the biggest price difference was the game console Microsoft Xbox One S 1TB that cost £129 during Black Friday, compared to £195,60 on the 15th November. The smallest price drop was Apple’s AirPods (2nd Generation) with wireless charging that only dropped by three pounds. 

As you can see, it’s important to check carefully how the price changes even on Black Friday. Use the price history graph on our site and in our apps and you’ll see how the price changes over time. It helps you know when the time is right to pick up the very best deals. 

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