The most anticipated new phones of 2020

Some of this year’s most anticipated phone releases hit the market in April, giving consumers a selection headache, with a host of excellent options available at their fingertips. Ranging from the highest spec phones – with a price tag to match – to challenger brands throwing down the gauntlet to the bigger players, all are vying to be our first pick.

We’ve analysed and compared the new models and broken down what sets them apart from the rest to help you decide which is best for you. Take a look at our top shopping tips to help ensure you're always getting the best deal.

iPhone SE 2020

Despite uncertainty surrounding this model, Apple released the iPhone SE in April. The reviews so far are quite positive. The SE 2020 has scored well for good all-round performance, but its main plus is the price. Unlike most Apple models, it has a substantially lower price of £419 for a brand new handset, makes it a bargain compared to the rest of the iPhone family.

The SE is a definite upgrade from its 2016 predecessor, most notably the larger display and slick display, which are based on the popular iPhone 8. It comes equipped with a strong camera, comparable to the iPhone 11 Max Pro. The SE also packs an A13 processor to boost speed and performance.

This model is a great option for those wanting to spend a little less, without sacrificing too much on quality. The main sticking point will likely be the absence of the headphone jack.

Honor 30, 30 Pro and 30 Pro+

Huawei's range of cost-effective Honor phones has been praised by experts and consumers alike for high quality, coupled with an accessible price range. The 30 and 30 Pro uphold this tradition. All three phones run the same software, the Magic UI 3.1, and use the same 4000mAh battery.

In terms of price, the Honor 30 and 30 Pro will set you back roughly £350 (the exact UK price is still to be determined). The Honor 30 Pro+ however, is the company's most expensive phone to date. The main difference we can see is that the phones support 27W wireless charging and an improved camera.

Huawei P40 and P40 Pro

Not to be outdone by its little brother, Huawei has launched its latest P40 handset. The design of the P40 doesn’t vary much from the P30, but the performance and processing speeds are much improved.

The P40 Pro has an advanced handset, a Horizon OLED Display and penta-lens, which all add to the considerable sophistication of this series. The price certainly reflects this too. The P40 comes in at £699 and the Pro at £899, making it one of the most expensive on the list. The notable absence is the lack of Google access, which makes interaction that bit more difficult. With no access to Google apps such as maps, Gmail and YouTube for many this could prove a significant sticking point.

TCL 10 pro

TCL is one of the lesser-known brands in the smartphone market, however this release could change all that. The TCL 10 Pro packs a punch with its fast Snapdragon 675 processor and strong screen. Available for a modest £379, it also has the features to go toe to toe with the likes of Apple and Samsung.

Its four cameras and in-screen fingerprint reader make for a high-quality device. These features are absent in certain Apple and Samsung models at this price range. This model is also a rarity in the current market; it comes equipped with a headphone jack!

Read our top tips for browsing on a budget

Always shop around

It's obvious but it really is the only way to be sure you're getting the best deal. The best prices aren't always the first that pop up on search engines. Take the leg work out of comparing by using a price comparison site.

Check the history

Online prices are updated constantly. Often retailers inflate prices to later drop them once the initial hype of a new product launch has died down. Do not take the first price given to you. PriceSpy can give the price history and prediction for certain products so you can evaluate the best time to buy to get the cheapest rate.

Be smart on specs

Not every new model is the right one for you. Look at trusted review sites so you can get a clear idea of what you are getting from your money. Also, check the model before it, or the one before that, to weigh up how many new features are on this device. Why fork out extra for one tiny change in the spec, when the older model is often much cheaper, with little difference in functionality?