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Samsung Soul b SGH-U800
11 years ago*
Sickly stylish but, the segar bit with the menu, which I do not like. Delay with type one 0.5 seconds or similar. This is a use cellphone or just because you want like me, one that is made of steel and is a bit flashy.
*Edited 11 years
Sony Ericsson K800i
12 years ago*
Nice phone that has been doing now for 2 years and will continue. Do not malfunctioned just once so far. That I know will begin to complicate the joystick and it is something I will keep in mind next time I buy cell phone.  Now the cell phone started to lay off, after about 2 years and 3-4 months. Should get a new phone soon. + Inge hassle with the phone itself + Able Camera (in bright conditions) + Able MP3 players + Design Battery pack, a maximum talk time of 2 hours today before the battery dies, irritating. (Remember that the battery is used for 2 years now) -Handsfreen Breaks, too much play, even if you buy a new one can also break away. SPAR RECEIPT.
*Edited 12 years
Philips Speed-XL HQ8140
12 years ago*
It does its job! Absolutely! But my skin reacts to the neck rather sharply, becomes red and irritated, and the shaver slash then o then. It gets 7/10 for the chop. Had however told that the skin gets used to after a while with the irritation.
*Edited 12 years
Sony CyberShot DSC-W300
12 years ago*
Stylish, sleek, high megapixel, the "top camera" according to PC City. But the fix to all settings before you start using it, especially ISO feature! But all in all, I'm happy with it! The next step will be an SLR for nice nice pictures.
*Edited 12 years
13 years ago*
Funny, worth seeing.
*Edited 13 years
Hajar Som Hajar
13 years ago*
Enjoyable, entertaining, completely ok to look at.
*Edited 13 years
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