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Oculus Rift S
5 months ago*
Bought for about SEK 4,700 on Oculus' website. Compared to the HTC Vive and Valve Index that I played with friends. Good: Sharp image and good lenses, very similar to Index. Easy installation Good tracking and you avoid base stations Fits well and nice Intuitive comfortable controls Pass-trough function which is very useful Could have been better: The sound. I highly recommend headphones The strap that runs on top of the head does not seem to have such good quality FOV at 90 degrees. Clear difference from Index approx. 130 LCD panel and not OLED. Clearly noticeable in eg Vader Immortal in dark scenes. Good to know: People with different distances between the eyes have experienced the image as sharp in me even though I have not adjusted IPD (which can only be done with software). A seven-year-old has played without problems (however, had to wear a hat to make his skull bigger) In summary, in my opinion the most affordable and flexible VR solution for computers. Recommended! Update: since facebook login will be mandatory from 2023 for us who have an existing Oculus, I will then change brand because facebook software is spying on one.
*Edited 2 months
Microsoft Xbox One Controller S - Recon Tech Special Edition (Xbox One/PC)
3 years ago*
The most beautiful hand control I've ever tried. Stable coupling. Grooved nice grip.
*Edited 7 months
Rage 2 (PC)
7 months ago*
A very fun game! Quick battles with good weapons sense and ability to use tactically. Kicking or kicking someone for a dive with the shotgun is a wonderful feeling XD! The graphics have some old fashioned textures and sad models but very fancy light and feel on the whole modern. I wish for better AI but it applies to most games. Took me about 28 hours to cheat through the campaign and do type 90% of the side assignments. In addition, there are 2 DLC. Recommended! I have written the review based on the price I gave; the game with DLC for SEK 280.
*Edited 7 months
Gears 5 (Xbox One)
8 months ago*
Could not find Gears 5 for PC and therefore write the review here. Have been fooling GOW 1-3 and appreciating the new characters, enemies and weapon variation in Gears 5. Run in 4K on OLED TV with max settings and nicer PC games I've never seen. The sound mix is also good just like the feel of the weapons. Knitting the bayonet in debris or sawing it with the Lancer is as atmospheric and fun as ever. Robot Jack has got a plethora of perks that can be upgraded and that makes the battles more tactical and varied. The down side of the medal is many and long cutscenes that I don't think fit into an action game, they interfere with the tempo. The game is also burdened by frequent annoying bugs; the sound disappears, the black screen, the game shuts down, the connection to the cough is lost. Pulls off a star for the bug. Drove through the game when the X-box gamepass cost 10 SEK and it is difficult not to be satisfied for that price. SEK 500 had felt sour. Update Pulling out one star because the game is so broken. The sound disappears / the game crashes at every other cutscene which in practice means several times an hour. Most cutscenes are only visible to the cough, while the others get a black screen. On the verge of unplayable. Incidentally, the campaign was in the shortest team. Haven't tried any other game modes.
*Edited 8 months
Detroit: Become Human (PS4)
9 months ago
As an advanced Quick-time movie. Very nice even 2020 and very good acting. Well-written script and engaging story and characters that influenced me.
Logitech G502 Lightspeed
9 months ago*
Has previously Logitech G 502. A welcome improvement in the wireless variant is that the wheel is now rubberized which gives significantly better grip than the metal surface. The wheel has been fitted with spokes and is therefore not solid and as heavy as before and does not spin as long as in the unlocked position. I do not use that function but write it for awareness. For me, the ergonomics are very good and the rubberized grooved sides are grip friendly. The clicks are precise and soft enough to not cause fatigue during intense gaming sessions. With ten programmable easy-to-access features, this is the most versatile mouse I've owned and would have been the obvious choice if I had limited myself to a gaming mouse. With many buttons, however, there is a risk of misprinting and that is why I sometimes choose another mouse for the most demanding sessions. Ffa detects the wheel light side pressure instead of pressure from above and I need to concentrate on pushing right every time and pulling off a star for it but it may be something that you can adjust to. I would have liked a greater distance between mouse buttons 4 and 5 to reduce the risk of misprinting. I do not notice any delay compared to threaded mice. The software is good. Lightspeed is lighter than the threaded diton, which is welcome. It has long cost around SEK 1500 which I think it is worth. Bought it myself for 1090 and is very satisfied. Recommended!
*Edited 9 months
Sennheiser Epos GSP 670
10 months ago*
I've had about ten headsets, wired and wireless at home. I usually try them for a few days before deciding whether or not to keep them. With the GSP 670 it took 10 minutes. Listened to music and played computer games, set the handsets with Sennheiser Gaming Suite for the best sound and it simply sounded lousy. Despite the lowered treble, the sound picture is sharp, nasal, small and flat. They sound like a couple of 20 bucks from Wish. I had the little brother GSP 370 at home until yesterday. They didn't sound good enough for their $ 2200 but incredibly much better than the 670 model. Other reviewers have commented that the background noise is loud and that the handsets are disconnecting which I also experienced. Considering how bad the sound is, I don't think it is worth commenting on fit etc. for the GSP 670 should simply be avoided. I bought them on sale for 2200 SEK. My free handsets that came with mobiles are better. When I listen to music and play computer games threaded I use my Sennheiser HD 650 which I think are the best handsets in their class. It is incredible that the GSP 670 can come from the same company. Yuk!
*Edited 10 months
Sennheiser Epos GSP 370
10 months ago
Have had these at home for a few days and played Vermintide 2, DOOM 2016 and listened to music. I have compared them with Hyper X Cloud II wired from the PC and wireless via my X-box One control for PC as well as with Razer Nari Ultimate. Positively: * Comfortable, lightweight and not bulky * Does not get hot easily * Clear LED for charging and charging * No audio delay * Apparently good battery life (not tested if they last 100hr) * Ok software with easy set equalizer. neutral: * The earbuds are quite small, significantly smaller than on the Hyper X Cloud, ie the risk of ear pressure if you have large ears. * The on button is small, sharp and plastic. Seems fragile. Badly: * In my opinion not enough sound for the price. The sound is not provocatively bad like the Razer Nari Ultimate but clearly inferior to the Hyper X Cloud, even via the X-box One control. I lack resolution, base and presence. The sounds are small, sound compressed and do not engage compared to my existing system. * Too low maximum sound. Borderline in my opinion. * Lose contact with the dongle every time I restart the computer and it needs to be unplugged and plugged in for it to work. * The update software causes the headset to chip * The GSP 370 recovery tool recovery software is very buggy. It looks like it locks (the update slider doesn't move) but if you wait 5 mins it works. * Despite updating and resetting, the contact is lost I returned mine and have a hard time recommending GSP 370 for the 2200 SEK I gave them. For that price I want significantly better sound and preferably a volume control for the mic on the cover. Losing contact and having such buggy software is not ok.
a year ago*
Bought mine to play computer games above all. Games in 2560x1440 are scaled up excellent, 120Hz works and I don't know any input team even in very demanding games like Vermintide 2 compared to my 165Hz Acer Predator game screen. G-sync does not work with my 1080ti, but according to Linus Techtips it will work with the 2000 series and 1660 series. Reasonably well with the upcoming 3000 series. HDR HGiG is available on the C9an, a quick look at the Metro Exodus gave nothing further with the setting but I haven't tested it thoroughly. HDR on Horizon Zero Dawn provides either clogged shadows or heavy concealment in dark areas. The picture will be best without HDR in YUV, limited tone range on the PS4an and low black level on the TV. RGB and full tone range on the PS4an and high black level on TV also give a good picture. It's a matter of taste. Borderlands 3 looks clumsy and three-dimensional played on PS4 with HDR. The black level on the TV needs to be low and the HDR luminance in the game is increased to max. As a black and white photographer with Ansel Adams as a role model, I am particularly interested in high contrast range with coverage in light and dark areas. HDR works well and ranges from the whitest white to the blackest black. Metro Exodus requires lowering the old to about 0.8 in NVIDIA's control panel so that dark areas should not be gray. Worth mentioning, though, is that the OLED panel's lowest possible brightness is much higher than I expected. This means that it is not possible to obtain all coverage in dark areas with subtle gradations. The luminance difference between a turned off pixel and one that is turned on at the lowest possible brightness is thus high. It can be tested with this video: On the video, the OLED panel does not respond until a value of 15, my LCD computer screen responds at 18. If you have a TV that responds to a value equal to or less than 15 and is looking for coverage in dark areas, the LG C9 do not give you anything other than carbon black areas where the pixels are off. The panel is good, but the road to Ansel Adams is still long. A side by side comparison with Samsung's Q90R would have been very interesting. Unfortunately, the comparison videos I have seen online between the C9an and Q90R all make the same mistake and do not set the TVs to the same brightness, which makes the comparison meaningless. It is clear that the Q90R will have dark areas covered if it is set to its 2000 nits and the LGn to its 750 if the person who produced the comparison video sets their camera after the C9an. In addition, the cameras they use do not have enough contrast scope to compare the TVs. The only way to know for sure is to make the comparison yourself. An important difference between these is that the C9an has HDMI 2.1 which can deliver 4K in 120Hz with minimal input lag. The Q90R has HDMI 2.0 but can already run 4K in 120Hz with low input layer but of course with compression fees.
*Edited a year
Nokia 3310 (2017) 3G Dual SIM
a year ago*
Badly: For me, it is very restrictive that the calendar only holds about 20 tasks. Then it is full and in order to enter something new, old must be erased manually. If you have more than 20 things planned in the future, you can't write down all ... It takes such a basic thing as an app to make notes. However, there are a number of lousy games that take up memory that could be used for useful apps. The buttons are silver colored and so is the light which makes the text on them very difficult to see (I have good eyesight). The sound in the speakerphone is jarring Not because I asked for a good camera for the price but it is bad for awareness ok: Battery life is ok The phone sound (not the speakerphone) is ok
*Edited a year
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