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Microsoft Xbox Series X Wireless Controller - Carbon Black (Xbox Series X)
15 days ago*
Compared to the previous Xbox One control, there is an almost non-existent difference. I had imagined that it would be grooved rubber grip on the back, but it is only a little "lumpier" plastic (will be harder to clean in the future vs Xbox One smooth surface). The only extra plus on the edge is probably the D-Pad which feels a little better and you can connect via Bluetooth if you now have it on the motherboard (you no longer need the wireless dongle and can save a USB space). Have tried connecting via Bluetooth and it worked perfectly on the first try. If you already have the previous Xbox One control, it is not worth over SEK 600 to "upgrade to this".
*Edited 14 days
Nintendo Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros.
a month ago*
Disappointed that there is not a footrest as before, so you can have it as a clock by the bed. Then you want a real Game & Watch game such as Parachute or Donkey Kong and not Super Mario for the fifty-eleventh time! Wish Nintendo could release real Game & Watch titles, it would have been really interesting! Feels like Nintendo is just trying to milk money without making an effort (again). Why can they not just release a real Game & Watch just like before, then I would have easily coughed up money.
*Edited a month
Logitech G Pro Hero Gaming Mouse
a year ago*
Sickly good mouse for both games and surfing. Love the scroll wheel and there is good response in the mouse. I think the mouse and the buttons fit well in the hand, maybe the two side buttons could be slightly better placed or slightly larger but petitess. For SEK 399, it is a chap. Stylish design with RGB
*Edited 2 months
AMD Ryzen 5 3600 3.6GHz Socket AM4 Box
a year ago*
Good performance and good price vs Intel and energy efficient! Have driven Intel for the past 15 years and had an i7-4770 before this but am really happy with the Ryzen 3600! I drive with the included cooler and temp is around 40 degrees (idle) and full load around 65 degrees. If you are very picky with sound levels, buy an external CPU cooler! + Good performance + Priced + Energy efficient + Stable - The supplied fan can be heard from time to time
*Edited 3 months
F1 2020 - Deluxe Schumacher Edition (PS4)
5 months ago*
Best edition so far.
*Edited 5 months
Asus ROG Delta
a year ago*
Read reviews and tried them myself a couple of times before I decided, use them mostly for games primarily and not for music. Have had them for two months now. The sound is almost as good as my Sony Hi-Fi headphones and the microphone is very good with (everyone says that I hear clearly and without problems). A big plus is that the mic can be turned away if, for example, you are going to eat (and it can be removed completely if you want) Sits quite comfortably on the head even after several hours. Very nice with RGB (which can be turned off). Have not found anything negative yet. Maybe I can hear the sound from the cord if it happens to touch the armrest on the chair so the sound propagates via the cord to the headphones. Bought mine on sale for SEK 1495 on the web hall.
*Edited 5 months
Logitech G29 Driving Force (PC/PS3/PS4)
4 years ago*
This is my first steering wheel and unfortunately can not compare with other steering wheels such as Thrustmaster or Fanatec. Have only tested it in F1 2016 on PS4 Pro and it works great without any hassle. The G29 is a good all-round steering wheel to begin with that works in most car simulators without any problems, the next steering wheel will be a specific F1 steering wheel. Good force feedback and a good feeling in the steering wheel in general. Would like to give it between 7-8 out of 10 at this point. I think it is a very solid steering wheel for SEK 2,000 that I bought mine for. Also bought a racing chair (playseat challange) that the G29 fits perfectly. G29 with a racing chair lifts car games enormously! Good + Nice feeling in the steering wheel + Good force feedback + Affordable + Works with PC / PS3 / PS4 + Easy to mount on and off table or racing chair Badly - Wish it could also be compatible with Xbox One Edit: Has been driving with the steering wheel for almost three years now and must say that in F1 2019 and Project Cars 2 it is cruel after a few tweaks.
*Edited 5 months
Star Wars - Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker - SteelBook
9 months ago*
Really a disappointment that did not live up to expectations. I'm a big Star Wars fan but this really wasn't a good ending and it felt more like a negligible and delicate fill. I saw it at the cinema but still have to buy it and have it in the movie shelf. It works to see for the sake of effects.
*Edited 9 months
Logitech G815 Lightsync RGB Tactile (Nordic)
a year ago*
Incredibly neat and works well for games, but writing on knows in the thousands. Updates when I've had it for a while. Plus + Very stylish and has everything you need. + The RGB lights up and can be switched off if desired + Volume wheel Minus - What I'm upset about is the G1-G5 keys on the left side, which means that you often have to look where you put your fingers when you want to quickly press the CTRL key (but that's a habit). The majority of users will probably not use these. Why Logitech ?? If they had launched the same keyboard without the G1-G5 keys, it would be 10 points. - The price (should be around SEK 1500)
*Edited 9 months
Asus ROG Throne
a year ago*
Works really well to hang the hangers on and stable. However, I can hear a very faint noise when the RGB lights are on and you do not listen to anything in the handsets when I connect the handsets via the usb port at the place itself. Don't know if it's something temporary or permanent or if I got a Monday ex. There is also a sound card built-in instead if you now do not have sound cards in your computer, you can have this stand as sound card also. RGB can be switched off if desired. The minus is the price, I bought for SEK 749 More info Armory II Software
*Edited a year
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