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Telldus TellStick ZNet Lite V2
5 months ago
Have a Telldus Tellstick ZNet a bit, but do not know which version. But want to share with me my opinions now. Not happy at all with this one! Will come a monthly fee if you want many of the features included. If you start 433 mHz devices from the app, they will start at full brightness every time! Then you do not see if the lamp is on or not in the app if not lit from there. So it pretty much always shows the wrong status there on all devices and I have many. So not smooth at all up with the app to turn on a light. Lighting with the lamp button works here, but always 100% brightness then. Then they sometimes have a hard time connecting new devices and sometimes forget about them. The connection to Google home works, but evenly. Been in contact with customer service and thought I was weird that did not always want full of light. Finally, they gave the help of creating slave units to make it work. But they were severely limited like much else and become more and more limited over time if you do not pay the monthly fee to get those things. Did not mention that there were restrictions that you had to pay for when I bought. Hard to find the info, but very smart features are on the monthly payment!
Philips Hue White Ambiance Starter Kit 806lm 6500K E27 9.5W 3-pack (Dimmable)
5 months ago
Bought this starter kit and very unsmart I think. Then you can no longer use the lamp buttons that are already on the wall or on the cords. Because if you use them, it will forget everything and start with full brightness and the coldest color temperature next time. Has set in the app that it should remember the latest. But do not do that and the customer service does not want to understand at all that you want to keep your dimmer level. Then if turned off with the app or home, you can not turn on with the button then either. Well, the dimming is smooth in the app or Google home. So do not recommend to anyone who wants to be able to use their regular buttons or does not want to replace everything in their home. But would recommend choosing Ikea's Wireless instead and get everything Hue has at a much lower price and he lamps that remember everything, so it can be used with its usual buttons.
Xiaomi Poco F2 Pro 256GB
5 months ago
Bought this mobile for a good price for flagship, flat screen, pop-up camera and that it was very nice and it was and very nice in the hand with! Good battery life with it. Enough for me for several days. But so happy with this for not good camera and lacks lots of basic functions such as auto-mms, pedometer, clipboard and an always on display that is just on and works in daylight with several things. Then do not like that all apps are a messy grease in the applause that can not be changed. Then a lot disappears in the rounded corners and along the sides of the screen. But that is enough with many other mobiles. But the interface is otherwise very easy and nice to find in. I think it has a good screen. Has no problems reaching over the big screen, but has smaller hands. Then you come to the big downside of this mobile which is the camera, so is not good at all. Has difficulty with sun, overcast, dark indoors and food / baking pictures. But is good on product images about daylight and view images about moderately sunny. But if you are steady enough, you can get very sharp and cool images with a macro camera. Far above expectations there. But all other pictures of things / food become very cold white and unpleasant no matter what light it is natural. Then when viewing images in full sun, the images become very poorly "photoshopped". Only takes pictures in 12 megapixels if you do not want a picture that only covers half the screen, then 64 megapixels. Thought the phones have come further in 4 years from my LG G5, but it is still better than this one. Then I want to add that Poco / Xiaomi does not have any support if you want help with the mobile in terms of software.