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Tony Anderson

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Huawei Watch GT 2 46mm Classic Edition
a year ago
I received this product as part of a review program in return for an unbiased review. My initial thoughts are - The watch looks great, setup was simple after downloading 2 different apps onto my android phone. The watch itself had an update immediately, 15 minutes later I was up and running, the following day I had another update but carried out quicker. Now this watch looks great, the downside to me is for the price I would prefer to go for a better brand that will let you control your mobile (this one doesn’t) and syncs contacts with your phone. 5 full days test and with moderate use the battery is down to 40%, I expect it will last another 2 days at a push so a week and a half not 2 weeks battery life for me. I have notifications from my email, if I don’t get to them quick enough it will duplicate my notification which I don’t expect. I would also love if the music I already had on my phone would be available without having to add it into the Huawei app separately.. The fitness tracking is great, and also the sleep tracking, its very interesting to see how well I am sleeping and I feel its fairly accurate. I did recommend this product but given the recent issue with tracking sleep and it's now 4 days since it occurred then I would not recommend as the software has obviously not been tested properly and it's to long for a fix on one of the selling points of the watch. I will be returning this at the end as that service is not good enough.. since then I have an issue where the watch doesn't track my stress levels sometimes, get 4 hours or so at a time where it is blank so not sure what's up.. also 2 week battery life is not feasible, a week and it will need charged tonight..