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Magimix Nespresso Vertuo Next
6 months ago
Machine comes neatly packaged, with the machine, and a sample pack to get you started, along with the usual manuals. The machine is simple to set up, simple fill the water container, place the spill tray, plug in, and off you go. The machine is ready to produce coffee in about 20 seconds from cold, and can be connected to the internet for updates, you can also set your water hardness rating in the app so you get a reminder when to descale. The app also monitors water levels, and advises when to empty the used pod holder. To make a coffee, insert the pod you want, press the button on the top when its solid white, and then simply wait, most coffees are ready to drink within a minute or so. Small word of warning though, check the ml size of the coffee pod before you insert so you can make sure you have the correct cup size below... Of all the coffees I've tried they produce a smooth taste with some great crema. The taste and texture you get varies with each coffee pod, and you get a great selection to start with. Theres a great selection of additional pods and accessories from Nespresso themselves, the hardest part is knowing which to order as they all sound great. I've made great espresso's, lattes, and more with this. Great all round machine.
Huawei Watch GT 2 46mm Classic Edition
a year ago*
I received this product as part of a review program in return for an unbiased review. The watch comes in a compact box with the watch, USB charging cable connected to a puk which aligns with the back of the watch using pins, and the nice addition of the black rubber strap to use (which is ideal for exercising as I doubt the leather one would hold up too well over time with sweat) The watch starts up quickly and can be connected to your phone via the Huawei Health app. Once you’ve confirmed the Bluetooth code your connected. The health app is used to manage the watch, and where you’ll find a record of your data, heartrate, stress levels, sleep tracking and notification settings. The watch supports a number of workouts, which tracks heart rate, distance, calories burned etc and has a voice coach built in to support you in your routines. It tracks indoor & outdoor runs, swimming, walking, and more. Sleep tracking is an interesting one, it seems to detect it well based on movement, and heart-rate changes, however I do wake during the night (thanks to a new-born) however this doesn’t always show so I wouldn’t rely on it 100% Notifications from your apps on your phone can be displayed on the watch (messages, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc) however these can only be read on the watch, you have to use your phone to reply. You can however take calls on the device; the speaker is nice and loud to hear the caller on. The watch can control your music on your phone, or if you want to leave your phone behind you can transfer some music from your phone to the watch, this is quite slow though, but once done it there until you update. There is no app store, and a limited amount of watch faces to download and choose from. When EMUI 10 arrives and the new version of the Health app there is rumoured to be a watch face designer to create your own. Battery is nothing short of amazing. I’ve been wearing it non-stop for 7 days and the battery is still on 65%, so the advertised 2 weeks battery time is well deserved. Overall a great fitness tracker and watch, so long as you’re aware you can’t interact with the phone notifications before you buy you won’t go wrong. Highly recommended.
*Edited a year