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Motorola Moto X4 Dual 64GB
2 years ago
My other Motorola. Enjoyed this for almost a year. Spot on. Have filmed a lot underwater, great fun. However, I have only dared to film with half the phone below the surface. The side of the contacts I have above the surface and thus you also get the sound because the microphone is on this side. Great fun when fishing crabs with the kids. :-) Affordable. Has everything I need without being particularly expensive. I hope Motorola continues in this spirit with affordable well-built phones! Just got the pie too!
Meaco 20L Platinum
2 years ago
Power consumption: Have had this one week now placed in the laundry room in the basement and has it set to 50% humidity. The power consumption is then about 2 kWh per day with a laundry hinged every day. Without washing about 1 kWh per day. Our old dehumidifier drew 10 kWh per day (3700 kWh per year - what !?) because the hygrostat gave up and had to run it in continuous mode. The Hygro State gave up after 1 year. Poor quality'. With today's electricity prices, we will earn this in a few months. Sound: Much quieter than the old one. This would be in the bedroom. The one we had previously bothered upstairs even though we had it in the basement. Use: Simple features that work without hassle. The only thing that can be confusing is that it can show 70% humidity in the display without getting started when set to 50%. However, the whole was clearly explained in the manual and the reason was quite logical. Other: Feels solid and well-built, hope it lasts for many years.
Motorola Moto E2 LTE
4 years ago
I have had my Moto E 2nd LTE for a year now and I'm incredibly happy. It is hard to imagine that you get a better wait for the money. Feels Fairly fast and have not malfunctioned at all. Today also came Marshmallow (Andriod 6) update, perhaps a little late, but nothing I could not wait. I think this is better than my partner's hook (a large Korean brand) which cost 2.5 times more. For my part, was battery life that made that I bought this. Now, a year later is still 2-3 days with economical use (type half-hour TV-stream in the evening, 1 hour gaming, text messages, phone calls, etc.) ... The camera has received a lot of criticism but I do not ashamed of themselves. This was certainly not decisive for me. Could not be happier for the price!