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Be Quiet! Pure Rock
5 years ago*
+ Good performance + Reasonable price - Unsorted small-parts - Fuzzy manual - Require the removal of the motherboard on the chassis does not give access Do -3 for the installation process was very uncomfortable if you were not preparing. The first obstacle is that the screws and parts must first be sorted out based on the hardware, which is slightly more than when it's mostly many small screws. The second obstacle is that the manual is frugal with their descriptions and images, where the great downfall is that the bolts with square head can be put in at a 45 degree angle where it could slide around, which is confusing. Otherwise pictures are too small to still try to show much detail. It requires access to the motherboard's rear which is an automatic minus for me, it complicates installations although you can access it through the hole in the chassis.
*Edited 5 years
Prey (PC)
12 years ago*
Very entertaining game. Fun puzzle, interesting weapons and very good level design. The story is interesting but very basic. The difficulty level is not high, because when you die you get to shoot some dragons and then revived it without some drawbacks. All in all I highly recommend this game.
*Edited 12 years
SilverStone Sugo SG03 (Black)
12 years ago*
Stylish, lightweight, small. Good quality (but not excellent). Vibration is not noticeable over my background level. Uses an Intel Q6600 with a Zalman 8700 NT, gets around 65 degrees max. Mounting the chassis requires good planning and patience, fan grill especially needed reviewing. Cable routing can easily become annoying especially with the IDE cable to the CD drive, I suspect it's more or less impossible with IDE hard drives. Since I rarely open up the chassis and replace things so it is above anything that happens rarely and therefore it has no significant impact on my opinion of the chassis. For such a small chassis, it's obviously high price (1200 SEK).
*Edited 12 years