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Arcam FMJ AVR390
8 months ago
My reference, what I come from is a Marantz SR-7011 + The sound and Dirac. Bringing the movies to life, it is as much fun as watching movies. What a difference! + "Get features", I like it when you don't have to sit and activate and deactivate and then forget what gives the best sound. + The remote control gets a plus, better built and the backlight is good - Dirac, it's hard and it's not something you learn in a day, it gets a minus, but it's more I need to get better. Do not subtract one star for this. After playing and watching movies for two weeks time, maybe early to leave a review. But the difference is huge for me and my wife agrees.
Hegel H190
2 years ago
Time to write off. I had also read very positively about the h190 and also listened to the voice that appealed to me. My first impression what josvedin, ie no bigger lift, but I kept it and understood to play. I can not explain my impressions more than something really happens now. My wife agrees that "it actually sounds really good". Something has happened, as if it were a recording period, which I have difficulty accepting. But we run a positive and negative list. + The sound is amazing (speakers play the role of course) + Driver my Pandion 2, which my old Yamaha 603 did not handle without any problems. + Inputs so I will manage a long time, do not miss anything there. -Cites Clarkson from Top Gear "Give me more power", but it's not stubborn or reached but more power is ALWAYS fun. This amplifier makes everything great to perfect.
Rega Planar 3 (2016)
2 years ago
Since I have some experience of this particular format / technology, it may be stupid to give a review. But I'm trying :)! Awesome sound, allround. Playing everything with bravur simply. Building quality feels top, nothing loose or similar. Good instructions for beginners (read) to get started Taking a star then changing speed is difficult. (Can apparently be upgraded with an external engine that fixes it)
LG UP970
3 years ago
Since I only played 2pcs 4K movies and a pair of bluray, this review is a bit vague maybe, but someone learns to say something I thought :). We start with the positive. + delivers good picture quality and even good sound. + plays all I've fed it. + It's actually stylish and has a shiny "blank" top, more about this later. The negative - Has a little plastic construction quality but I've had worse. - The remote control is also plastic Read that too much noise with discs in this phenomenon I have not encountered. Keep in mind that Dolby Vision has not come. I need to watch more 4k movies for one-year-based review. Had it been built as Panasonic players, it had got 10 out of 10
4 years ago
Bought at elgiganten for 29,900 Will not drag the minus and plus. For me, the only plus. The picture is amazing, after adjustments even better. Finally reached other than these LCD TVs that are LED-lit. The picture is the best, wonderful and a darkness that is (almost) perfect. The sound is OK, lacks pressure subwoofers feature. But who buys the TV for a good sound? Who buys a television like this and do not have good sound? The play is also beautiful, good construction quality on it.
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