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Audio Pro A36
6 months ago*
The relatively high price lowers the rating for a speaker that would have needed access to EQ. Lower intermediate frequencies / upper low frequencies would need to get a boost. The result now is that dialogues while watching TV become a little difficult to hear, and that music feels a little flat. The dual woofers have the option of creaming so that it is enough and will be over, but they only start at low frequencies. Hopefully it can be solved by Audio Pro giving us an EQ in the app. In the worst case, the speakers are constructed like this directly in the hardware. The potential is there, but I would have liked more. My KRK Rokit 5 sounds better and costs only 40% as much as these. In addition, it is really sad that they have chosen to use IR for the included remote control (which needs to be used when you want to quickly switch between TV and Spotify, as the speakers do not really manage to fix this yourself). IR feels terribly outdated in 2020. But otherwise they work really well, and look good next to the TV furniture in similar white piano lacquer. :)
*Edited 6 months
Philips Hue Go BT 71460
6 months ago
Nice little lamp, but considering what you have to pay for it (as well as for other Hue lamps) I would have liked a little more brightness. It could at least be as bright as the regular E27 RGB lamps, I think. But by and large a nice product.
Roborock S5 Max
7 months ago
It is a very nice luxury product to have. One that made my everyday life a little better, and my apartment much cleaner. However, it is not completely perfect. To save time, I go straight to its weaknesses: - It does not understand what thresholds are for something. I have never had such well-polished thresholds as I have now, but I have not been bothered so much by clinking sounds from when the robot repeatedly goes up and down the thresholds without realizing that they are part of the room and do not need to be cleaned. Feels like something that should be resolved in an FW update. - The mopping function is not super good. On the one hand, the pressure against the floor is not particularly strong, so "dry streaks" often occur where the robot has traveled, and on the other hand, the water supply is a bit uneven. As the water tank moistens the cloth, the cloth remains moist for quite a long time. Thus, the floor in your "mop not here" zones will still be wet as long as the mop remains on the robot. The only way to solve this is probably either that the robot itself can pick up and leave the mop, or that the mop can be raised so that it is free from the floor. - Even if the navigation is good, it is based on a drunken rally system. The main way the robot finds obstacles is by crashing into them. This is not a major problem, as it is quite good at sneaking on the stuff. But for example my slippers can be put on quite long before the crash sensor is triggered. S6 Max V solves this through cameras. In concrete terms, it does not mean a major problem, but it is a bit unsophisticated. - Shoelaces are its nemesis. I am really impressed with how the robot usually manages to get out of, for example, cables or curtains itself. But the shoelaces simply can not stand it. Now it has certainly only been stuck once, but that is probably because I learned that shoelaces must not be easily accessible in front. SEK 4,500 for a vacuum cleaner is expensive, no matter how sophisticated it is. (plus, you still have to dust yourself ;-D) As you can see, these are mostly small things. I am very happy with the vacuum cleaner, and it is one of the products I enjoy the most in my everyday life. The app is really good too (although I wish it could show a robot as a unit of measurement, so you know if it can get into places or not).
Philips 275E1S
7 months ago*
Has in itself only test driven the screen for about 1 hour, but has probably never been with a monitor in such dire need of calibration directly from the box. After about 15 minutes of fiddling, however, the thing is steak. 👍 If anyone is interested, my settings are: R (90), G (80), B (89). Brightness (95), Contrast (63), Sharpness (60). SmartResponse and -Contrast (Off). Good things: + Relatively good price (SEK 1990) for 1440p IPS. + Pretty small bezels. + 75Hz. + Freesync. Bad things: - The viewing angle leaves a lot to be desired. - The preset color profiles are absolutely horrible. Far too hot. - They should have bumped on a DP cable. Feels frugal with just an HDMI cable. Overall: totally okay. I use it as a secondary screen, and I would definitely not cry over using it as a primary screen. Have not noticed any dead pixels yet (pepper pepper)
*Edited 7 months
Logitech MX Keys (Nordic)
8 months ago
It does its job as a keyboard, but not so much more. And for that price tag (~ SEK 1,300) you earn more. + MacOS and Windows compatible. Smooth when switching between the two to have both sets of layouts pressed on the keys. + Quite nice to write on. In the style of Apple's wired USB keyboard, though a little more "muted" or what to say. + Quite quiet. + Smooth with the four mappable keys above the numpad. I use the lock key several times every day. - Priced. It should be at SEK 500 rather than SEK 1300. - The right UN button is in the wrong place, just as Tuxie writes in its review. - My right shift key sounds terribly bad when pressed. All keys are mute and silent, just as they should be, except for the right shift. It squeaks and sounds bad. If there had been a key that was used more often, I would have gone back to the store with the keyboard.
Logitech G240
8 months ago
Covers much of what I was looking for in a mouse pad: thin, good glide and without silly "gaming" design. They would have liked to have removed the gray "G" in the bottom corner, but it is so anonymous that you hardly think about it. For a full pot, it could have had a little more glide and been 50% cheaper (SEK 99 feels like a more reasonable price than ~ SEK 190).
Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum
2 years ago
Gives me wrist pain for some reason. First mouse ever to do it. Have started to look for alternatives. Smooth with so many buttons though.
Noctua NF-F12 PWM 120mm
3 years ago*
It's a premium fan; no one can come and say anything else. Personally, I wish you could buy these in bulk, without any accessories and the fresh packaging. + Many included accessories. + Quiet in relation to air being moved (according to the reviews I read) - Rough animal, which draws the grade.
*Edited 3 years
Noctua NF-A14 PWM 140mm
3 years ago*
It's a premium fan; no one can come and say anything else. Personally, I wish you could buy these in bulk, without any accessories and the fresh packaging. + Many included accessories. + Quiet in relation to air being moved (according to the reviews I read) - Rough animal, which draws the grade.
*Edited 3 years
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