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Watch Dogs: Legion (Xbox One)
3 months ago
Boring, ugly and monotonous intermediate milk. Personally, I would call it a bullshit, but there are certainly people who think it's ok. Not even worth SEK 300. Tested on an Xbox series X, 30 fps!?!?! Are they kidding?
Assassin's Creed Valhalla (Xbox One)
3 months ago
Really good game. Unfortunately some small bugs at release, feel free to wait a few months and buy it on sale.
Anthem (PS4)
a year ago
Not even worth picking up for free.
LG 34GK950G
a year ago
I am surprised that no one has written a review on this monitor. At the time of writing, it costs SEK 9990, which I consider to be a really good purchase. If you are "lucky" with the panel, this is a 9 out of 10 in rating. 120 Hz and gsync work great and are enough. There are enough pixels to drive for even an RTX 2080 ti to fight in high-ultra settings to keep it above 100 fps +. I first bought an LG 38GK950G. The resolution of it is 3840 x 1600. I ran it at 144 Hz, but in reality the screen went at 70-90 fps depending on the title. I like the graphics as said on custom between high and ultra. This 34 "fits me better. It is in practice that I can experience the same screen as 38 "but you save 15000 SEK :)
a year ago
Incredibly nice TV. I have an E6 ole (three years old) and that is BIG difference in image quality.
LG UltraGear 38GL950G
a year ago*
This is something out of the ordinary. Incredibly fast game screen with fantastic color rendering and overall very high quality feel. The size of 38 inches feels more natural than 34 which I think is a little too wide for its height. At 38 inches a little more height is added and the overall impression feels like VR without headsets and ski resolution :) The screen also has no fan that interferes and the circle on the back adds a really cool feel to the game when it reflects light in different directions based on what is shown on the screen. I thought this was just a design thing, but actually it adds so much that I wouldn't want to be without it. No dead pixels and minimal IPS glow. Image quality on this screen is the best I have seen. I had an Acer X35 that went back. It had a little better HDR, but overall picture quality was significantly worse - and noticeably slower in gaming. My previous daily driver was an Acer 27 "271HU, which also fades in comparison on every plane. The HDR400 on this screen feels MUCH better than the LG 34 inch (gives 20% more light). People write that the HDR400 is crap, but honestly so it feels "more comfortable" for the eyes in a dark room at standard distance from such a large and wide light cannon.I run brightness 25 out of 100, more than that and I fry my eyes in a dark room. I was really thinking about buying a 34 "950F, but now that I have this home I have to keep it - unfortunately. Now comes the only negative - the PRICE. The screen is too expensive. I can't say it's not worth the money because I'm going to keep it. Had enjoyed the screen more if it cost 20000 SEK. Update: it turns out that there is a defective pixel. Now let's see how LG handles this. After all, always have the right of return otherwise.
*Edited a year
Acer Predator X35 (bmiphzx)
a year ago*
Seriously. Avoid. Not even worth my time to write a review. This is a game screen that sounds like a hair dryer when playing ... for 30,000 SEK +. I wouldn't even use this for free. First thought the shit was defective from factory. Addition: HDR looks good, but beyond that the "middle milk" screen on everything else is important. Incredibly disappointed after over a year's wait. I really recommend that you check out non-sponsored reviews if you don't believe me and whatever you do buy the screen in a place that takes returns without hesitation.
*Edited a year
Gigabyte GeForce RTX 2080 Ti Gaming OC HDMI 3xDP 11GB
2 years ago*
Summary (important) 2019-01-29: 1. It is a good card with good cooling. Samsung Memories! 2. OC: 100 core, 500 memory, 122% powerlimit works perfectly (safe for everyone), can handle more. 3. You need to run a custom fan curve, before the bios update comes, there is a problem with the semi-passive mode of fans, they do not like low RPM. Gigabyte has confirmed that fix will come. 4. DO NOT install the Auros Graphic Engine and above all RGB fusion. It bugs the system for VERY many users (random fps drops). Run the MSI afterburner for both fan control and OC. -------------------------------------------------- --------------------- The text wall (for those who can cope): I already have an Asus Rog Strix 1070 from my "old" computer that I temporarily used in my new. After months of founding, I joined the RTX 2080ti from Gigabyte. I think the price is ridiculous and definitely not worth it. But since I didn't want a useless / incomplete "old" computer, I had to buy a new card. Why it became the more expensive Ti instead of 2080 is due to requests for 100-120 fps to 1440p = the reason I upgrade at all. If you still have to put SEK 10000 for a card, you might as well add 4000 so you will be completely satisfied. Both sums are ridiculous anyway (but adding $ 10,000 and not being satisfied is worse). + future-proof with the Ten version. I now run an i7 8700k with 16 gb 3200 mhz memory Gskill, MSI pro carbon ac motherboard and evga 750W g2. CPU I drive in 4700 mhz with air cooling, 30 degrees idle and 60-65% full load. The graphics card Gaming OC is 68-70 degrees in my box and is relatively quiet. I have not heard any coil whine - other than very little (not disturbing) only when I did a benchmark test of 600 fps +). I will overclock marginally later when there is a need. Right now I want to have 100+ fps in 1440 p with max graphics, which Gaming OC provides without any problems. At the time of writing, I have had the card for two days. So far so satisfied I can join a card that costs 14000 SEK. Before the installation I have written up fps values from my previous card (to be able to comfort myself / justify the upgrade). Writing these so you see the difference, maybe you can decide if you want to buy this card or not. Game: Asus Rog Strix 1070 fps, vs Gigabyte RTX 2080ti fps. (1440p) 1. Ghost recon wildlands: 57-60 fps at "high", vs 95-105 fps at "very high" and 65-70 fps at ultra. Run this on very high since I don't see any difference in ultra except lower fps. 2. Vermintide 2: 70-80 fps on "custom" where most were very high some things extreme. vs 110-120 fps on all extreme. = damn happy with this game's optimization. 3. Monster hunter world: 55-60 fps at high, around 35-45 fps all max. vs 110-120 fps at high. Here I also see no big difference on ultra so choose higher fps. With everything maxxat gives Gaming and 95-110 fps. Games such as overwatch, world of warcraft .. yes all blizzard games = all max 120 fps (which is my cap for the screen) In principle, this applies to all FPS games. By and large, I am very pleased with the upgrade from 1070. When it comes to Gigabyte gaming OC 2080ti specifically, the card is quite ok. I like that it is not overclocked too much from the factory (one can update the firmware and scare up the clock frequency itself one would want). The fans are silent, do not sound in windows, do not sound very much at max load either. No coil whine at "regular" gaming in 100-120 fps. Minimal coil whine for some tests when benchmarking when fps is 600+ (but there all cards are more or less). The card is normal sized (as big as 1070 strix), sits well in its slot without tilt or help. Despite this, the cooling is good and there is room for heavy overclocking with only a few degrees temp increase. (I had a 1080ti from MSI gaming X in September due to coil whine, then I bought nothing else because of generational change. That card was extremely large and heavy, had to change the layout in the box to get space + the support rail). Gaming OC from gigabyte is probably the "smaller" RTX card. Then the LED lighting is neat and discreet - only the logo. I who do not like "disco" in the computer box partly chose this card because of the cleanliness. On the whole, I am satisfied - so far. (I was a little worried about artifact problems that some Ten cards had on release, but apparently this is "fixed" since December.) Should this change, I will update this review. When I set the grade I totally ignore the price and just look at the upgrade from my 1070. There is no card that is "worth" 14000 SEK when you can buy a whole gaming pc with tex 1080 for 15000 SEK, which gives quite ok fps. That being said, Rtx 2080 ti vs. GTX 1070 is a (in most cases) 100% FPS upgrade. If you need so much you can cough up the money unfortunately. P.S Purchased my card from CDON, got easy contact with customer service via email and the delivery came relatively quickly. Satisfied. Sorry for the text wall, hopefully it will help someone. Update 11/1: 1. To my great delight I saw that memories on this card are made by Samsung and not Micron. That is, they overclock much better, better quality and you avoid problems with artifacts and freezing. 2. However, there is a "problem" that gigabytes work on (comes bio's update) with the fans, more specifically from ZERO to low RPM. They start up and shut down repeatedly with a clicking sound as a result. Can be experienced as scary if you do not know what is happening - but no danger! (The fans on the card should be completely off until the temp is 50 degrees +) You can temporarily solve this very easily by setting a manual fan curve which always has the fan at 33% + speed, then it increases therefrom depending on the temp. At 33% they leave nothing at all, so that is not a problem. I have 120 hz and locked 120 fps in 1440p, after some adjustment "minimal overclocking" I put 120 fps on ALL said and tested games in very high to ultra settings. The temp is at a maximum of 70 degrees and then the fans go at 67-68%. (This may be different in your box, but there is absolutely no fault on the card). At 67% it sounds "little" but I run with headphones and even without sound you do not hear the computer through the handsets. Right, the cards you buy now have the latest bios with increased power limit so you don't need "crow" with updates later. Update 29/1: Still satisfied with the card the grade remains. Be close to pulling a star due to Gigabytes crap software, more specifically RGB fusion. I experienced random GPU load drops to 0 for a second, which resulted in fps drops down to less than 10 fps in a second. This happens completely random and not very often. Disturbing, however, when it comes to chopping. The solution: remove all gigabytes of software, run only with MSI afterburner. I drive a little overclocked, + 100 core, + 500 memory, max power limit 122%. Provides temperature of 72-75 degrees at 80-90% + gpu use and about 80% fan usage according to custom fan curve. I should not say that the system is silent at OC but you hear nothing with headphones. Tested Anthem demo this weekend, all ultra in 1440p gives fps between 75-85.
*Edited 2 years
Samsung Galaxy Note 9 SM-N960F/DS 128GB
2 years ago
From Note 8 to Note 9. Indicates a difference in many small things, but especially on battery. With my use, I had around 15% left at 22:00 time with Note 8, with Note 9, the figure is around 50%. I have absolutely nothing negative to say about the phone after two weeks of use.
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