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Yamaha RX-V485
2 years ago
A good amplifier that was easy to install. Works well with my b & w m-1's. a very good buy for the regular user. + to be able to wirelessly run Musiccast devices in Yamaha's range
McCulloch ROB S600
2 years ago
I have a garden of about 300 sqm and for that it works perfectly. The installation was easy to do and I would recommend this to anyone who has a garden of max. 400 sqm
B&W M-1
2 years ago
Really nice sound in these small compact speakers. Have set up 5 in a 5.1 system, and they work well with crystal clear sound for both film and sound. However, it needs to be supplemented with a proper base, to get the right bio feel.
Anki Overdrive Starter Kit
3 years ago*
Be in the choice and qualification between different car lanes for both me and my children. Landed in Anki Overdrive, despite the price (slightly more expensive than traditional motorways). The packaging itself is educational, and the short start guide helps you get started very fast. From we opened the package until we played the first time it took 15 minutes. Really smooth. The path itself puts you together simply because it's the magnetic fasteners on the straps. What you should keep in mind is that you need a smartphone / tablet to use this product. You must download their app to control the cars. The app is only in English, but my 8 year old daughter learned the app pretty quickly, as it is simple without any strange settings. Very "straight forward" app simply. + easy to set up and to disassemble + fast charge on the cars (max 8-10 min) + different game modes via the app + You can play yourself, I control the other car + Feels robust and stable + Replacing tracks on the track. You decide in what direction the car should go. This makes turnovers in the curves extra important in the battle of first place. - Will not be negative. Maybe the cars could be used for 3-5 race, and have to be loaded again. Would you like a little longer battery life. On the other hand, you can have a cup of coffee while waiting for the short while it takes to charge. - The price. It is possible to expand with more parts and make the course anyway. In addition, it is possible to buy more cars with different characteristics. But these cost a lot. Summary. If you can live by spending some extra money on a car, this is a great product that you can have fun for a long time.
*Edited 3 years