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Wahoo Kickr 5.0
4 months ago
Works really well, however, I would next time buy the simpler variant, this one can handle 200 watts more than Core, but who draws 2000 watts? The quality is great, ride it on my Gravel bike, no problem to ride on the included cassette from my 11 42 to 11 32.
DeLonghi Intensa ECAM 23.450
8 years ago*
Ordered from Germany and got it home in a week for about SEK 5,500 with the help of price hunting's international button on prices. The machine is very handy, I have only had it for two weeks so have not had time to get much experience of it yet but refills afterwards. + The cleaning of the milk jug, it emits steam to remove milk residues in the syringe, the main reason why I chose this, this cleans itself very well, which is a big part of a coffee machine. + Simple Manual. + Quick start-up. + Very easy to fill and empty. + The possibility of inserting very tall glasses is rare. The easiest way to get warmer Cappuccino as a previous person complains is to pour hot water into the cup before so the cup is hot and does not cool the drink. There is a cup warmer on the top with but I do not use it but all large cafes do. Update: After 7 years, I have started to get a little trouble with the milk frother, spare parts are on the way and relatively easy to change yourself. It still makes coffee well, I can really recommend De Longhi.
*Edited 4 months
Siemens TI305206RW
4 months ago*
The only thing it was good at was skimming milk, it does not grind well enough and does not press the coffee hard enough, so the coffee becomes bubbly. Will be repairing my 8 year old De Longhi who is still performing well.
*Edited 4 months
Abus Bordo Granit X Plus 6500 110cm
5 months ago*
Do not underestimate the weight of over 2kg, and this model with 110cm can not be mounted on the bike's screws (type bottle holder), only the 85cm variant can.
*Edited 5 months
Earthquake Sound SleekWave Couch Potato CP8
8 months ago
Humming on well under the couch, quick response, however, lacks the depth a larger bass can provide.
Sennheiser Ambeo Soundbar
9 months ago*
The sound is nice and setup is simple but I have now actually bought a subwoofer, an earthquake CP8 to place under the sofa, so did the trick. Bought it to drop mass of speakers around, clean up simply.
*Edited 8 months
Tefal Oleoclean Pro Inox & Design FR8040 3.5L
a year ago
The bells, so easy to keep clean.
Sony WF-1000XM3
a year ago
Noise canceling is better on these than on Airpods Pro after testing both for a while. What pulls these down a little for me is that I can't wear a hat.
Apple AirPods Pro
a year ago
Run these against my Samsung s10 without problems, download an app to control them. The sound is normally balanced, not too much bass, not too much treble. The fit is very good for me and it is possible to wear a cap without causing any damage to the cap, which some people are very sensitive to. Also, caps do not pull the naps out of my ears. The illumination is very good, other kids amplify the sounds in a strange way, I took a dog walk with co-workers and listened to a documentary at the same time without any problem could talk to her, very natural sound. ANC works well, at least as well as Sony's equivalent of xm3, returns when I tried them on the train. The buttons are very simple like the functions. The only minus is well priced but still worth it.
Mercane WideWheel 1000W
a year ago*
Write this after owning it for a few hours so may try to follow up later. I bought this on Aliexpress and the shipping took 32 days from China which is very frustrating, you want your toys right away. will use to take me from Home -> station -> sthlm central -> job, "last mile". It came well packed in a large white box. and the initial perception is that it is larger than you thought, it is actually large, should be interesting to commute with it. It weighs 21 KG which is noticeable. Run a fast ice today and the torque is nothing wrong, this one pulls away immediately, made the mistake of trying this on the oak parquet in the living room and had to stand and scrub a bit, it quickly takes you up to maximum speed in the default setting which according to my GPS on the mobile was about 21-22kmh, this can of course be changed to the alleged 45kmh but I haven't tried yet. The wheels are solid so you know most of the asphalt, my Netonnet copy on the Xiaomi M365 with air tires was much more forgiving, the bumpers probably remove some but not much of the small vibrations, but this I was aware of. Around the wide wheels it becomes a little odd feeling to turn as you go from the wide surface to the side of the tire, certainly a habit. The build quality / feel is really good initially, one thing I was worried about that I did not find anywhere was whether the handlebars would swing when you folded it, but no, there is a small terminal that is pressed down in the frame that locks the handlebars, so now feels the better to lift it on the train. I have mounted some accessories, extra lamp when the original sucks, it just shows that you are coming but does not light up, then mobile phone holder and then a bag in the T-cross, a must for a little lock, tools and clothes. a little hurt about mounting surface so tried to mount on the sleeves that lock the handles, these rotate so do not sit perfectly ok, have to think a little more about it. Another fun item I assembled is blinkers from, Have ordered a Volt regulator so I can stop charging at 52Volt and in that way lock the max charge at 80%, bought it at Banggood, 100 SEK. Update 1. This does 45kmh after a little quick setting =) woosh.
*Edited a year
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