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Huawei P40 Pro Dual SIM 256GB
2 months ago
Going from Apple to this phone after very many years with Apple, I now felt that I wanted to try something new. The camera for me was in the greatest focus. After now 1 week of intensive use with both camera and operative, I must say that I was very satisfied. The camera is fantastic, which was my biggest demand. Very detailed images, in sharpness and color. Sometimes the images can be overexposed, but of course you can adjust. The screen is very sharp, not supernatural colors like Samsung. If you like a lot of color, you should of course invest in a samaung. I like neutral. The performance is impressive, despite its 8gb memory. But it was not far from my iPhone 7 plus I switched from. iOS is well optimized despite its age. Google services. Yes there was the problem, but not anymore! It took me a while to get a flawless android together with Google services, but there are different methods you can use, and yes! You have to be patient! Although I did not experience or had the same problem as different guides, I followed the lines 100%, and got my phone to play with exactly all services without a lot of error message, email, Google play or YouTube. No problems with logins etc. More services will come over time from Huawei's own app services, of course if they do not solve the collaboration. But without Google services, it's just a phone, but most important apps exist. If you get this started in a simpler way later, then it really is a great mobile with solid quality right across and would not hesitate a second to acquire one. I'm very pleased!
DALI Zensor 1
3 years ago*
Very nice sound for the money and for its size gives them a great soundscape. Heavy and nice material, feels very solid. The sound is soft, lean and nothing stands out in the crowd.
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Google Chromecast Audio
2 years ago*
As an audio file, I'm not impressed with this when it comes to sound quality, but it's smart with wireless audio transmission and optical as a choice just perfect. I'm using an older NAD that sounds very good with normal analogue outlets out of the box, but tired of using aux cord so it had to be this solution. The sound is good, but could have done something better. But what had I expected for 365kr. I combined this with an external dac via twoslink so it sounds good, but I'm not completely satisfied and have used this dac with many other devices / speakers and sounds very good. + Smart audio solutions wirelessly + Analog 3.5mm and Digital Out (Toslink) + Easy to install - Okay sound quality (Works as an emergency solution) or is not very picky - Cables in and out as one would go through the device (cords from both sides) - difficult to place nicely, best looking to hide the entire device.
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Palit GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Jetstream HDMI 3xDP 11GB
3 years ago*
Very big upgrade from 2st Sli connected the Asus 970. It was the longest time you were investing in such a heat! I am using older model of Intel i7 4790K but I really did not think they would be an extreme difference in games with only graphics card upgrades! This processor will take a good while. There are nicer cards to buy, but performance with 3-part cooling keeps it cool and quiet, even in my Corsair 750D chassis! Buy, you do not get disappointed with what this monster has to give!
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Samsung Galaxy J3 2017 SM-J330F/DS
3 years ago*
After a few weeks of use, I'll learn how to express it. My daily driver (S6) happened to drop and the display, once again, really badly! But they were well on time when battery time was out of order. As a budget phone, it offers the really good battery time, which is primarily for me. It's nice to hold in, a little bit but much better a s6. I chose this when you received it for free in connection with renewal of subscriptions. The display is ok, a little backlit bleeding and definitely no oled, this is an (LCD), but to be LCD it is bright with good contrast and color rendering. Even with its resolution of 1280x720 it's sharp, those with excessive resolution are nothing I'm still taking in such a small display. Something more crispy than a late? Perhaps the battery life is better on this? But, as said, it's a phone call under 2 thousand kronor, so what had you expected? Pretty fast yet for its price (exynos quadcore) but the memory limits so it can settle down! But as a backup, or not so picky, this is a good option. Good sound in the speaker (ear) and people hear me good!
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Horizon: Zero Dawn (PS4)
3 years ago*
A very good game I can recommend.
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Samsung S27A950D
4 years ago*
Time to sum up this screen after 3 years of use. For starters, I bought this used, but during the half year when I bought it. It has everything you could want in the screen world. I'm a gamer and love it still today, three years later and feel absolutely no need to change the screen, rather I seek more of these screens. My screen is tabling dead pixels or light bleeding in amounts that I had at other expensive screens before. One can see a glimpse of light bleeding at 30 degree angle on the side, but straight ahead (Absolutely nothing that is significant given its thin design) This screen has a few years, has been terribly nice black and extremely bright. The response time is also splendidly today! I tested 144hz displays but neither see nor feel any greater response is significant. I use dual link DVI from Swedish supra, gives something nicer depth of color and image. Just saying a fantastic display ever made by Samsung.
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Apple iPhone 7 Plus 32GB
4 years ago*
After a month of use, I can not say anything else one that I'm very happy. I will obviously from an earlier model of the iPhone, which was 6 plus and not (S). For starters, I'm very happy that it went from 16GB to 32GB of storage memory which is standard on most phones today. I had 64GB of storage memory on my 6 plus before and how many apps I added that I took advantage never a hefty 25GB of 64GB included operating system. Therefore the 32GB choice for me then for me then I can do well on it. Battery life was to overthrow the reason that I bought the Plus model, and teach say that the active use of the phone to manage battery life for a whole day without worries, and usually charges the inside on the second day. When I listen to music, web sites, and facebookar instagrammar. Performance-wise, it is a marked difference from my previous iPhone 6, incredibly more responsive and so on. To upgrade the OS can be an energy thief in a telephone making it more tired and lethargic. Is not it great changes or things you do not need to stick to the same version of the operating system it came with so your iPhone will always feel like new. Still as slippery in the hand as my past, so the shell's preferable. But the quality feels flat and very solid. No complaints there! The color black as I have remind me of my iphone 5 and thanks very much for it. After this time, with Space Grey, I give black color is a warm welcome. Very handsome! Then to it many seem disturbing to most of the headphone jack. Yes it is unfortunately physically away from the phone but comes with an adapter for those using the 3.5mm jack. Do not cry over spilled milk then the possibility is still there. Then the camera which is also one of the most important factors for me because I love to take pictures. I think this camera is one of Apple's best (However, the camera is manufactured by Samsung but they do not bother me in any way then this camera gives fanatical images in both autumn darkest and brightest days. Was very many nice pictures of Gavle Capricorn 50 years of dedication today 161,127th I can definitely recommend this iPhone 7 plus to all young at heart with more or less experience of the iPhone. ------------------------------ We draw the little jokes and side here for the person under the name Solen123 that feels a little more mörk123 in comments. The sun shines not stronger on the other hand, I have heard and feels more likely that he does not own an iPhone but assume what Apple did not choose to have in their products. Yes, Apple is quite clear about its products and adds absolutely no more a what people need. Adding the extra things can also mean extra concern and to add extra things do not make a phone something extra better in some way. Some phones have something called fast charge: Sure, they can be good for a person's daily stressed and often unable to think a little longer to charge the phone in a time of stress, recharge a phone 2-3 times a day. Then I simply charge the phone in advance. What do you think will be the result of this stress load? They let me get you to think a little extra on when you really do not need to be a rocket scientist to it. But then I have a tip for you iPhone owners who want to charge the phone a little faster without damaging the battery on an iPhone 6 or newer: buy / use your iPad charger as you lower the charging time by around 30-40% Then the FM radio which is internet based today and not a built-in hardware function without software which everyone has access to whatever phone manufacturers, but perhaps he / she is not aware of. IR port, yes they were, I remember when you could transfer images / ringtones to / from another phone before Bluetooth was standard. What I know is not a function of all phone manufacturers choose to have in their phones as it is an extinct technology. If you want to control multiple media devices with a remote control, then the choice Logitech Harmony, or use an app from your TV provider / media manufacturers which in my case is Telia offers app "Zappa" which uses Wifi. I control my entire home cinema / music system / TV via WiFi. Then there's battery life? Now I do not know which phone solen123 use today but are probably getting phone that offers the cruel battery life iPhone today. Enough with dumförklaringar to Solen123, but sometimes it is unfortunately not plowed right through.
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Optoma GT1080
4 years ago*
yes this is my first projector. My first and main requirement was a good all-rounder for games and movies, run it along with a kingpin 104 "Fixed Frame screen. I've now tested PS4, Xbox One, PS3 and can not say more of a wow! Barely any delay at all! The colors are clearly recognized and blackness as such, extremely bright and do well in mediocre dark rooms! The blackness may be better with some more muted canvas, kingpins are entitled glossy which means they automatically become poorer blacks on a bright projector! We very bright moments in the film, it becomes dark gray which is much with cloth and brightness to make! Color reproduction is very good on both canvas and projector! This is the perfect projector for those who want both parts of both film and games! + Good contrast + Good color reproduction + Reasonably low fan noise + Super response + Very affordable + Easily manageable + - They are better blacks, but it has an interaction with the cloth to do, then the kingpin is very light and slightly glossy for such a bright projector! But the lights are ample Conclusion: for those who want the best for your money when the film and especially games you can not find a better right now! Recommended!
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