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Cryorig H5 Universal
5 years ago*
I was somewhat disappointed with this chiller noise level. It casts a slightly humming agile higher speeds that differ from other fans. I am unsure if the product is defective or if the sound occurs when the fan is very narrow. At the same time the processor is cooled even at very low speeds, it never goes above 60 ° C in Prime95, although I overclocked a bit light. This with an i5 6600k. I'm very sensitive to sounds from your computer so it will be difficult to evaluate the product. However, I would like to say that if you're sensitive to noise so the motherboard should have the support to be able to adjust the radiator fan curve. It can handle without problems of keeping your computer cool even at low revs, but my copy makes a somewhat mysterious sound if it goes higher. It is perhaps the fact that the sound is different that makes me upset me on that.
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Cooler Master G650M 650W
5 years ago*
Positively: Constant low price. High quality. Acceptable warranty. Stable. Cons: Are better options for a slightly higher price (eg EVGA SuperNova G2). Semi-modular where far too many loose cable permanently. Only 80 + Bronze. This unit has rolled on my sister's computer for eight months now without any hassles. I must say, however, that there are better options that are not much more expensive, such as EVGA Supernova G2 650W which can often be bought for about 900 SEK from the Swedish reputabla dealer. EVGA model is completely modular, unlike that which is only semi-modular, EVGA model has seven year warranty versus five years for the CMs. EVGA model is also 80+ Gold instead of bronze that CMS model. Sometimes the cost EVGA model slightly more, around 1000-1100 SEK. Then the choice of course something more difficult. Do you have a tight budget where every hundred counted so Cooler Master G650M still a good option. Do you have the possibility, a few extra hundred pieces provide a more efficient PSU that can be used longer - it can probably be used for your next build, given the long warranty.
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Asus Z170 Pro Gaming
5 years ago*
Asus supports automatic overclocking, which is nice, but hardly unique. However, the setting options on this motherboard better than anything else I've used, more on that later. The sound is good but as usual, I am not convinced that it is so much better than "ordinary" integrated sound circuits (headphones I use the Sennheiser HD 380 Pro). It also requires some adjustments to get the microphone to make sense. At the default setting roared and howled it very much, but after I lowered the volume, put on noise reduction and switched on the conference location sounded good, better than my previous soundcard. The microphone I use is a ModMic 4.0. This is the first motherboard that I do not have to run mic on 100% of the volume will be high enough. In addition to this there is a huge variety of settings, overclocking, XMP profiles and an excellent friendly control of the fans. Supports your fan PWM, you can select this in UEFI, and then choose from four standard settings, including a manual. You can also turn off the fan completely, if you choose DC location instead of PWM. The manual mode allows you to adjust the fan curve freely, up to 75 ° C - which forces the fan to go to Maximum Speed. Before these can, however, choose to have the fan on the lowest RPM. All these settings can be done on the CPU fan also, except that the fan can not be turned off completely. The quality of the motherboard is high, with many nice details of the design and LED lights that can be adjusted. However, the color is always red, from what I can discover. This allows the motherboard suited to the chassis with windows, if you like such things. Self will not I like all kinds of lights, and luckily you can with software turn it off. There is plenty of space from the CPU socket to the nearest PCI-E output that opens up for large coolers. My Cryorig H5 Universal has a couple of centimeters in the margin. The distance between the first and second PCI-E output is large. Despite this, it will be difficult with SLI graphics cards that have extremely large cooler, which Palit Jetstream GTX1070. This is a stable motherboard with a huge range of options. For 1500 kr I can recommend this motherboard to most gamers. The only thing some might miss is the LED lights that can change color, otherwise all that's needed and then some.
*Edited 5 years
Corsair Vengeance LPX Black DDR4 3000MHz 2x8GB (CMK16GX4M2B3000C15)
5 years ago*
Can be overclocked to 3000MHz promised no problem with an Asus Z170 Pro Gaming. Nothing else to complain about. Stable memories for a reasonable price. Are you interested in finding the lowest price, you can earn a few bucks to select another color for the memories.
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EVGA SuperNOVA G2 650W
5 years ago*
A helmodulärt power supply that provides a very stable impression. The box it came in weighing several kilograms, 3.3kg according to the record. Although this was with cables so too was the PSU a hefty piece, which reinforces the impression of quality. The power supply has a different surface, similar to carbon fiber. I myself can not hear any so-called coil whine, but this may vary from one copy to another. My review will be short, a quality power supplies can not urskönjas by weight or appearance; it is better to use the professional reviews of this. One thing I would point out, however, the cables. For they are only partially sleeved, looks at the processor's 24-pin connector can see that the ends are exposed. This makes it look a bit ugly, despite having made a proper wiring. Meanwhile 900-1000 SEK for a PSU of 650W with 80+ Gold rating of this quality is difficult to criticize for such a trifle.
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Noctua NF-A14 PWM 140mm
5 years ago*
Noctua's fans are really high quality, from the packaging to the accessories and the fan itself. Mounted fan right becomes almost silent, but for me it was a problem. I have a Fractal Design Define R 4, where one can mount the fans by pushing them in front, which is removable. It screws thus not fixed them without tryckår them. The problem is that the rubber that sits on the edges do not go in properly; you must remove the rubber on the front, however, the rubber on the back to sit still when pressing extra hard to get into it. The fact that you have to remove these rubber pieces allows the fan vibrates. In other words, it is best to use this fan by screwing the right things, otherwise you have to be prepared to cut down significantly speed to avoid noise. The problem with this, however, the look - you do not like putting it in a place where people can see it. Brown & Tan must be the ugliest combination. This limits the fan can sit, if you care about this. You must attach the fan in the front, as in the Define R4, buy another fan. Can you skuva fixed it correctly, this is however a top fan.
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Palit GeForce GTX 1070 Jetstream HDMI 3xDP 8GB
5 years ago*
An incredibly quiet GPU that still delivers good pretanda; although the boost only to reach about 1600 MHz after middle examplar between 1800-1900MHz, and although their use is 99-100% in Unigine Valleys benchmark keeps the card almost silent, with a temperature of 70 ° C. Why the card so boosts passport, I'm not sure, since I do not overclocked, but it is verified in HWMonitor and GPU-Z, and it's not the Super Jetstream model to me by mistake. It could be the motherboard automatically done anything. To provide perspective on how quiet the card (without specifying decibels when I have no measuring instruments): I had to close the door to the room next to me when the table fan in there sounded so much that it bothered me when I tried to listen if I could hear GPU fan! I run this in the Define R4 with four fans, with intakes in the front, exhaust in the rear, and an exhaust at the top, fan controls are set to minimum and the only one PWM fan is set to run for about 400rpm until the CPU reaches 75 ° C, it never does. As a disadvantage may be mentioned that the cooler is, just like so many other GPUs, very large. Even on an Asus Z170 Pro Gaming, where the distance between the first and second PCI-E input is large, so it will be tight to fit two GPUs in SLI. I think at the possibility but it seems that the two cards have a maximum of one millimeter to spare, if it works at all. It feels like Palit is a mark not received enough attention in the West, it seems to have been most popular in Asia, and it is truly an underrated short, there is in my class with my old GTX580 Asus Direct CuII when terms of noise level and cooling. It might not be the best card to overclock with, given the single 8-pin in touch, but it is possible to increase the frequency of default. But the greatest strength is the card's low noise level.
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D-Link DIR-868L
7 years ago*
Had predicted a D-Link DIR 655, which recently broke. I then purchased a D-Link DIR-868L for 1300 SEK a week ago, and the speed difference is huge, even on 802.11n. D The link is not used primarily as a router - modem / router from ComHem used for this, while the D-Linken used for extra ports and wifi, then the wifi that ComHem router is right worthless. 868L has separate channels for the 2,4 - and 5 GHz giving choices, something I appreciate. Functions as a guest zones and other knick-knacks I have not tested, I already own a home server, so I do not need another in this. Support for, WPA2, the option to disable WPS, IPv6 support, VPN passthrough, speed, reception, stability, were more decisive factors for me, but yes, many of the other functions can be useful for many . Regarding speed: 655-ball gave me around 50/10mbit, and then stood it closer to me than 868L does now. 868L gives the 5GHz 111/11mbit, on 802.11n. The latency I measured never at 655-ball, but the 868L is the 15ms on Bredbandskollen. These values ??are from a Sony Vaio Pro 13, which does not have the best reputation regarding wireless. When I switch to the 2.4 GHz spectrum, the rate drops slightly to 74/12mbit. On my SGS2 I get around 40/10mbit, I never got more than 10/10mbit on 655 grade. What frequency I chose not affect the speed of the mobile phone. I have not been able to test 802.11ac, when I did not own any compatible device - I planned for the future with this purchase. These are values ??measured about three feet from the router, and the router is behind a thin wall. At this measurement point, there were about ten other active network in the area. Regarding the reception so there are no complaints about lost internet out in the kitchen or other places, it just works, there was a complaint in the family with the old router. This router is faster, better looking, and better in every way, except that the user is the same as it was on the 655: th, which we bought five years ago.
*Edited 7 years
Zalman ZM-NC2000
11 years ago*
I have not had this cooler for very long and it's my first laptop coolers ever but I can already say that it works really good. My laptop just was not fully operational before without lowering the processor speed by 60% +, I did not it was the laptop overheated during normal operation, but with this cooler is no problem, the laptop becomes almost cold! Aluminum upper material is a big advantage if you have a little cool in the room when the surface becomes icy, which also helps cooling. I do not know how it works in the summer but I doubt whether there will be any problems, but it can certainly produce the opposite effect. The fan runs on top of my case, but it is not louder than my PC or my laptop's own fan, it is even so that the noise level on the laptop's fan running at full speed is at least three times as high, and it is still not the heat down to an acceptable level! Thanks to the holes in the plate so it can also be used as a passive cooler (before I bought this cooler, I had the laptop on a book case I spill on the table, then I put a box in the computer to get a gap between the laptop and the surface it standing on, and just did a lot of difference so this surface is even more open plus its materials should make a big difference). It is easy to use, cord included are short to not be distracting (plate and its active functions powered by your USB port), but I want to point out that it only seems to have an input on the left side, which means that if you have your USB ports on the right side, you will need to have a longer, separate cord, but that is standard with ports on the left, or you can plug in your computer, on both ports (includes a USB hub that sits on the right side ), however, can not test this right now, it's whatever worth knowing about! Some disadvantages are that it is quite big and it weighs a lot, I bought my laptop because it was smooth yet powerful (13 "screen), as this cooler destroys a little bit, but it's still good to have my PC on something , just in case you spill any liquid, and the computer becomes too hot it becomes. Others can be said that is negative is that it has a fairly sharp blue light indicates that the plate is turned on, which is a pain if you sleep with it on, or have it inside the TV room or so. device can also be tricky to wear a bare knee or leg when it gets cold, and that the fan's wind can be detected, this could probably be a bit of a deal-breaker for many, since many looking for things like this to the laptop gets too hot to wear the knee, but unfortunately this can become a problem instead of a solution, although I only tried to put his hand under the plate, but it was not very nice for longer moments, so it may be worth exploring, perhaps by going naked at any computer store and just run, who knows ;) Otherwise, it gives pad your laptop a very pleasant slope, which causes it to become higher than the keyboard, this gradient is built in and can not be disposed of, but it can be extended with some plastic pegs in the rear. The plate also provides a generally comfortable height increase, which can be great if you have a low coffee table or similar. In summary, this laptop cooler excellent, it does its job and then some, can easily recommend it, however, read the full review for there are some things that many may disturb on which you should know about before you purchase this product!
*Edited 11 years
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