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Apple iPhone 12 Pro 128GB
a month ago
Perfection in the form of a smartphone. Fits better in the hand than X and XS (not tried 11). The camera is absolutely incredible and the phone is fast no matter what you expose it to. The only downside I can think of is that the 120hz screen would have been even better, but that's not something I suffer from. Can be highly recommended, to anyone who is not willing to give Android a chance and who wants a handset that delivers all the way.
Moccamaster KBG741 AO
2 years ago
Had my brewer for about three years now. As everyone knows, it is one of the most famous and most popular brewers available. But I can not honestly give it 10 but have to pull off a star. I will motivate why in list form: + The basic structure is heavy and stable + Stylish, timeless design + Quick. Can not get on any faster. + Good coffee! + Dropping stops almost flawlessly + 40min shutdown is a little short, but EU-regulated. Nice to have. - The filter holder and its lid feels extremely cheap in the plastic - The handle to the jug is very square and uncomfortable - The droplet sounds quite a lot if you do not actively shoot the jar to the left (so the drops instead hit the plastic and then run down) If they solve the above minus, they will create the perfect brewer. All in all, an unprofessional work horse who really deserves his money, if you ask me. Will probably have it 10 years if it does not surrender.
Onkyo TX-NR676E
3 years ago*
Leaving a 7 out of 10 forwards, since my rating is based on the first week's ownership. My impression is not only positive, although I think the benefits overestimate the disadvantages and so far I'm pleased with my choice to buy this one. + Rugged construction with qualitative steering wheel and buttons + All features. Incredibly future-proof and compatible + Good and easy to set up, calibrate and learn + The sound, which despite my simple apartment facility (3.0) got a clear, more airy and clear sound image than before with the Pioneer VSX-820 - Built-in Chromecast and Airplay do not work flawlessly, sometimes the signal is missing even though the connected device (such as iPhone X) thinks the stream is running and no signal will be generated. Trying to understand now whether this is a Monday sex behavior or something else. - Tight between the speakers for the speakers so it was unexpectedly pitiful to connect them - The colors of HDMI Out had a little yellowish green tone, so I had to change the color tone of the TV quite significantly to magenta to compensate for this.
*Edited 3 years
SteelSeries Rival 300
4 years ago*
I switched from Razer Deathadder 2013 at this time Razern began to loose. Just when I got home that I experienced it as a bit odd in shape. Just like if you go back to the old classic Microsoft IE 3.0 so it feels like a bit long in the palm of your hand compared to Deathaddern. It puts more clearly next to the part of the hand that is on the mouse pad, at least for me. After using it for a few days disappeared this feeling that shape deviated to the negative, and I got on very well with it after that. The pattern of the thumb is really good and gives great friction despite little hand sweating. Left- and right-click the other hand, is very much smoother and becomes even more polished with time. There is a clear negative. Another minus is that it has no cord cable, without regular cable. However, I can not express myself about whether it is better or worse than the cord. 7/10 - absolutely acceptable!
*Edited 4 years
Noctua NH-U14S
4 years ago*
Full marks for this cooler. I had the problem that the computer droned started as soon as one example, charged a game or unpacked a large .rar archive or equivalent (i7 3770 with the stock cooler) and realized it was probably cooler that was the bottleneck that led to this. After I switched to this, it is silent in both idle to load. Think about all the gadget shopping left such an obvious satisfaction for himself as this ...
*Edited 4 years
Bushnell Tour V3
5 years ago*
Very pleased with everything except that it must rest in the bag when the rain falls down. In addition, it seems understandable that it is one of the most popular models on the market. + Right size + Comfortable grip + Quick + Battery saving + Clear Viewfinder - Can not Stand rain 9/10 - Highly recommended
*Edited 5 years
Cobra Golf Bio Cell Driver
6 years ago*
Really good and forgiving driver that suits my game perfectly. Recommended for medium to låghandicapare seeking a stylish and easy to play drive that does what it should.
*Edited 6 years
Klipsch Image A5i
6 years ago*
8/10 of the following reasons: + Perfect fit (and you get a variety of pluppar just in case) + Present and balanced midrange. Not cheer, but good. + Nice and moderate base. Not too wet and heavy. Suits my taste in music (rock, etc.) + Smart sound control. Play / pause, volume, next / previous song and clips to be fixed to eg Shirt + Nice + Affordable! Has features and sound as if they cost nearly 1000SEK I - A little hesitant highs. It is okay, but not as good as such plugs from Sennheiser It does not reach all the way up to 9/10 due the sound is very good but not that I applaud. Just almost. Also leaves out a star for durability. It remains to be seen quite easily. Looking for comfortable, functional and flexible pins that you can work with while using the hands-free then you have found the right place. Clock Clean podcasts, etc. with suitable sound for speech.
*Edited 6 years
Nike Lunar Control II (Men's)
6 years ago*
8/10 of the total rating based on these perceived advantages and disadvantages: + Very nice. Sitting cleanly on my foot directly. + Really good grip even on wet / gooey surface + Stylish (have the black-red)! + Qualitative sense for both foot and eye - The cords are narrow and would like to go back when trying to lace hard. Not optimal. - The foot tends to sit loosely in the shoe despite snörat it tight. Might have needed a couple of loops to lace even higher up the load. Do not have this problem with other shoes. This I forgot when I then walked around the shoe on the track, however, so it is well to classify as a non-issue. Had the cost 6-700kr had received 9/10. Now, I paid just over SEK 1,000 of nice Morki Golf in Gothenburg, because which it loses a star in the overall score. With better strings and the ability to more easily lace them tight as it had been able to get 9/10 despite the price.
*Edited 6 years
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