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NEVER TRUST THIS RETAILER. AVOID AT ALL COSTS. Been monitoring the price for the TV I needed, LG 55NANO866NA, for weeks, and tekshop247 has it back in stock and priced @ £631.98 on 30 Jan 2021. Stock level was 19 units initially, 1 unit was sold after a day or 2, another one in the following days, and I paid for mine (17 units remaining) on 2 Feb. Screenshot: https( Waking up in the morning around 11-ish the next day and found out tekshop247 has raised the price to £712.32 with 16 units in stock, and my order was still pending. At around 4pm I checked again on my order, it was canceled and minutes later an email of cancellation followed. They claimed that their supplier has informed them the product is out of stock, hence they have to cancel my order. I questioned them with the stock level listed on their webpage. Screenshot: https( Alex Kass, the CS representative, said the supplier has confirmed no stock and their website will be updated once the system is fixed, however their stock level is updated hourly according to one of their replies to a 1 star review dated 21 Jan 2021, and Mr Kass don't feel ashamed lying to the customer in their faces. As a CS, it is real simple to change the stock level if you really know the product is out of stock, to stop customer ordering further creating more hassle, but instead they leave it open to order at a higher price. If it is a pricing error, they should have known since 30 Jan when the stock level dropped from 19 to 18, from 18 to 17 in the previous 3 days. Screenshot: https( It is too obvious that they just don't want to commit to the displayed price and fulfill the agreed transaction. They would definitely have stock for you when you are willing to pay more. Giving them even 1 star is way too generous. NEVER TRUST THIS RETAILER. AVOID AT ALL COSTS.