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Samsung QLED QE65Q60R
10 months ago
Satisfied with this TV, it does not have the backlit panel like the more expensive models in the series, but I must say that I do not think about it. Very fast menus and start-up, good sound and great picture. However, I turned off all types of dynamic image interpolation / enhancements as they caused artifacts during fast movements in play. Think it looks better without.
Roidmi F8
10 months ago
The main nozzle and the long tube did not work together. The vacuum cleaner flashes red and blue and turns off. All other combinations of accessories work. Bad manual, bad app, plastic that gives me a rash. Thanks and hello, advertising! xD
Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop (Nordic)
3 years ago
Very nice keyboard to write on. Can ease your wrists easier with this keyboard compared to a regular straight. Good with separate numpad so that your arms get closer to the body. The mouse is also very comfortable (the rest of the arm will rest against support). Has helped me reduce my wrists & mice.
Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 SM-A520F
3 years ago*
Sent back after a week. The handset feels well built and the screen is incredibly sharp. Unfortunately, the camera is under all criticism, the 16 megapixels braged are not worth anything if they are all blurred. Taking pictures indoors or on things that are moving do not go, it just gets faded. Worse camera than before, older mobiles I've had (Nexus 4, Nexus 5X). Also, the screen and touch buttons are too sensitive, sometimes a click is detected, I did not feel i rubbed the screen. Frustrating about the thumb, for example happens to rub the edge of the screen a bit while holding the phone. I also had problems with the call quality on this phone, which sounded dull and obliterated. Has gone back to a Nexus 4 at the moment and it has a clearer sound. Samsung UI TouchWiz has tried to fix everything that was not broken with vanilla android and succeed in creating a harder, harder and moving interface with poorer typography and layout. Which often requires many more clicks to do what one wants. And much feels taken away or locked. (You can replace booter and some other things, but do not get the interface just like in vanilla, so it will be more difficult then with different design languages) If the price had been a thousandfold lower (bought my copy for 3400) I could have overlooked these disadvantages, but as it is now it's too expensive for what you get.
*Edited 3 years
Google Nexus 5X H791 32GB
3 years ago*
Avoid! Got as many others the dreaded and awaited boot loop problem after about 14 months. Boot loop means that the phone never gets past google logon when you start it, it restarts a few times and then it dies. This is apparently due to a design error that all models have (eg those from 2016 and earlier). Unavailable now when it can not be started. Prior to that, it has worked without any problems.
*Edited 3 years
Nintendo New 3DS
6 years ago*
I waited to purchase a 3DS until the release of this inevitable second iteration. I have not had the opportunity to see the original 3D effect was. But this is it anyway sharp, with a viewing angle (3D effect) of approximately 90 degrees with "super-stable 3d" turned on. See no reason to have super stable 3d rejection when the viewing angle is minimal = torticollis. I discovered that it has a bit more difficult to correct the 3D effect if it is very dark (read: carbon black). I chose the smaller version, so it would fit in your pocket. The console feels solid built and sits nicely in your hands, buttons, click the right (not squeaky or too soft feedback). Slider joystick and c-stick leaves a good deal to be desired, but it can be a habit as well, right now I have a little difficulty with finprecision at them. The choice to go with a matte plastic surface of this machine is a plus in my opinion, less greasy fingerprints. The biggest minus is the price, considering that the power adapter is not included (there are cheap knockoffs, so you do not throw out two hundred pieces to just for this), the low screen resolution and above all the high price of the games. The screen resolution still feels quite ok according to me, however, that the 3D effect and the games should work fine (screen is bright with good contrast), but it has become accustomed to smartphone resolution and can not go back, I can see that it is a little difficult for this. However jacket 3D effect most of it (as long as you do not hate 3d;)). The hardware has been upgraded in this version, I was wondering first if this would cause it to be warm when playing, which it does not. It has many stars, but you can hold out so it can probably be worth it to wait for a sale.
*Edited 6 years
Logic3 Rumblepad (PC)
10 years ago*
The plastic in the control levers are very brittle and can break. Both control levers have cracked and come off on my copy.
*Edited 10 years
Sony PlayStation 3 (PS3) 80GB
12 years ago*
'm Very happy with this purchase! Awesome good movie and game machine, easily worth the money. The game selection has grown up since the launch and there are now plenty of games in all genres. The machine is not very hot and it is also surprisingly quiet, my Wii sounds like a small vacuum cleaner in comparison. This, plus really good graphics = 10/10 points!
*Edited 12 years