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JBL Quantum 800
a month ago*
The first impression is that they are very good. Fits well around the ears, you do not think much about them. The sound is really really powerful and in a PC very configurable with downloadable software. What makes me choose them instead of type steel series or hyperX are two things. 1. I only have very good experiences with JBL, everything from music equipment to small shower speakers. 2. They can connect Bluetooth to the mobile. Many "gaming headphones" run dongles with radio frequency, and can not be connected to phones and the like. Will update a bit after I tested them in long video calls and the like. But right now: BUY! EDIT after 3 weeks: Battery life is really good, no problem to sit a whole night. I think I got to 8h a couple of times without any problems. If you just turn off RGB, there are no problems. I have also been told that the mic sounds really good, and the quick mute works flawlessly. The sound is still great, but the only negative I can say is that they feel a little in the ears after VERY LONG sessions.
*Edited 12 days
Huawei MediaPad T3 10 16GB
a year ago*
I bought two on sale for my (small) children, and they seem to be delivering so far. Reasonable size, screen size and built-in child mode which iofs leaves a bit to be desired but they seem to work well. UPDATE after 1 year: They have survived countless bottlenecks, candy-stained hands and cat attacks.
*Edited a month
Horizon: Zero Dawn (PS4)
a month ago
Nice fun and different.
Far Cry 5 (PS4)
a month ago
Incredibly good story with good openness and fun playability. However, it gets a small minus for the weapons, you pretty soon unlock very good weapons and really have no reason to try to unlock the last weapons. And the vehicles are a bit clumsy and I bother a little on the camera in vehicles. BUY!
Tekken 7 (PS4)
7 months ago
As someone wrote it is Tekken ... type. What you lack is just single player stuff, for us who have no friends or sit and want to be ridiculed online. But the game itself, how two people fight each other, is swine good. Not so fun that type 1/4 of the team lineup is DLC though. It makes you miss the old times when you unlocked old men by passing the game. But but $$$
Google Chromecast Audio
7 months ago
So damn the bells thing. Being able to smarten up your slightly older stereo so you can run Spotify without cables is worth gold, and if you have google Home you can just pray kindly you get the music out through her. For my life, I can't understand why they stopped producing these. A little minus because it can make some noise sometimes, but it is so rare that you forgive it.
Asus RT-AC87U
8 months ago
I bought it because I "happened" to connect to both com home and Telia and wanted a dual WAN router. But it wasn't really funny when I had started running it. The lost networks, things over WiFi took too long, they fell out and there were so few settings on the dual WAN that it worked more slowly with dualWAN than without. It also could not fuse the 2.4 and 5Ghz bands so you had to change if you changed rooms. Telia's sunk router that they send me is really better. So now a router is allowed to run wirelessly and a wired one. And I got money back. NOT recommended
Comfyballs Cotton Regular
a year ago
The whole idea with these is that instead of pushing the package together to look like a Ken doll, you get a space where everything can fit. If you say it out loud it just sounds logical and I think it works just as it should. I have heard many people complain that they are wrong and strange, but in these auspicious times it is more of a rule than exceptions that those with negative opinion are heard most. Buy!
Bosch MFQ4030
a year ago
Just like everyone else writes, good as hell. And quiet in relation to what you get. BUY!
Red Dead Redemption 2 (PS4)
a year ago
fun and very nice. A very open game where you can play with 100 different things into absurdum. Meeeen it probably got a bit overhyped, and I think one made more "impact" than maybe this sequel does.
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