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Gardena HandyMower Li-18/22
6 months ago*
"up to 50sqm" means in practice that it does not have the strength 5x5 = 25sqm. then the battery is also overheated, so it must cool for an hour. then it takes 5h to charge :) a joke. sent a complaint to ÅF, they said: "good luck selling it on the block! 🤣"
*Edited 6 months
Electrolux Pure i9.2 PI92-6DGM
10 months ago
tried electrolux "lease". questionable as it should be called vacuum cleaner. more like: a brush with "little suction". • good under bed, sofa and perfectly ok in corner • it would like to clean the same surface twice and then: have paid again • support can handle 1 question out of 5 • sounds pretty much and takes time. approx 50 sqm in 1h • Can not handle a low mat with 2cm "hair"
Fitbit Versa 2
a year ago*
after 1v. comes from: "alta HR" which was the top. wanted: a nicer screen and "clock faces". did not buy "little" edition because: it is larger and has worse battery. likes fitbit's automatic and clear training functions and "reminder to move". The lack of GPS is usually a privacy advantage. • size: fairly large and fat (big means oxa: sweaty arm) • smartwatch features: dont care • found a "clock face" showing pulse diagram for ~ 5min👌 • google maps navigation is available on the arm as notifications! must be tried on a bike ride • battery: good, maybe 1v • Clock apps: mostly useless and bad quality • Affordable: no, for SEK 1500 maybe ... it's a pity that google owns fitbit, but it's easy to delete the account with data every month.
*Edited a year
Apple iPhone XS 64GB
a year ago*
came from android (via iphone XR which was a little too big). for 6990 SEK this sick is good. (long ago I gave 5 ⭐️) perfect size. top screen. okay battery for the size. and "standby" on iOS (with "battery saver") is _so_ much better than android. with 5 years of future software updates it feels almost affordable. nice also to release device from china which is currently nokia / motorolas / etc ... domiciled. $ buys me free from (android / google) play services. hope the glass back holds, learn to be crazy expensive to cook😜
*Edited a year
Apple iPhone XR 64GB
a year ago*
came from android, wanted to avoid the Chinese regime, and get to a phone that gets security updates, even beyond 2 years after launch. • In iOS, everything flows sooo smoothly • and no "google play services" that spy and devour battery • fear that the XR would be heavy in the pocket. a bigger problem is that: it is difficult to operate with one hand. the crisp 70mm that separates 6.1 "from 5.8" is probably 'the tipping point' ... the weight doesn't help. and the slimmest glass back in the universe • thought i would miss fingerprint, but face id works sick well • tried to connect the favorite headphones with Apple's adapter. strange ticking noises. a joke • the speakers are top. screen just "ok", nothing to read pdf's, or watch dark movies after a month: it is growing. more satisfied. Hotter. good battery. almost okay format. put on a matte lick wrap back to reduce slipping.
*Edited a year
Samsung Galaxy A40 SM-A405FN/DS
2 years ago*
finally a small (<150mm high, <150gr) and affordable phone! looks very "2019 modern". • good at looking good • good, classic fingerprint sensor on the back • had problems with some image sizes in mms, but there was an update that seems to fix this • simple, uncertain face-unlock • the battery, nothing to write home about (worse than the cut, just as the gsmarena says) • Samsung chat / mail support is ... under the ice incompetent, but the "experience" store in sthlm is good • Samsung pay is available • auto brightness roars in sunlight and says "you must have the screen at max" • the sound is 'like' from the speaker • the proximity sensor is shaking, so unexpected things happen in your pocket comes from "p20 bit" which has ugly brand advertising on the front but otherwise was "a little better on everything": • an android system that gives you better control of eg battery and data consumption than the A40. • LED indicator • "scrolling" screenshot. why has Samsung removed it in the A40?!? • better battery • data privacy in terms of privacy, Samsung feels safer than made-in-china 2019sept: lowers the grade because: • the proximity sensor software bug is still not fixed, And the battery:
*Edited a year
Ninebot by Segway ES2L Electric Scooter
a year ago*
finally a legal one. and with (possibility of) long range. which is sold by a well-known company. so-so quality. squeaks and squeaks. hard, puncture-free wheels: top. charges unexpectedly fast, and only 71W. 10kg to carry is unwieldy, but even smoother than a bike. good motor brake. enjoy the 3 driving modes. nice with low / slow position. the app's locking feature was disappointing: why such a silent alarm? and why does it not turn off the display? but still, a first breakthrough in the market. best ever (and the only one). expensive. but, still, the only one who does not go in the "trimmed mop" compartment. with extra battery: range of electricity as a plug-in hybrid car for 400k :) Nobel Prize
*Edited a year
Fitbit Alta HR
2 years ago
had the old alta (without HR) but dropped it because of pajat bracelet. unexpectedly, I missed it, and provided this new model. The bracelet is improved! but sync "little glasses", sometimes it takes 12h before sync. and the charging cable has the same feel, stops it, it says "charging", but a little later so: has it not loaded :( fixed, 7d battery life, small, light, discreet is perfect. bad is that: it requires the internet to sync to my phone so when traveling, you must have data roaming to correct the time zone. and bad is that: you can not put it in flight mode, so not all European companies accept it. uses most: alarm for sedentary, 10k steps, and ... clock!
Huawei P20 Lite Dual SIM 64GB
3 years ago*
after 1 month. (Coming from Galaxy A3 / 2017) best are: • light (<150g), real edges (no "edge" screen), large screen that holds status icons long (short-term note) • android v8 / treble that will offer frequent security updates (already got two, while GalaxyA3 got zero!) • The navigation buttons can be hidden in all applications! Great to read text in a 19: 9 fullscreen browser. now only 'gestures' are missing so I do not have to pan back and forth the navigation bar • Selfieunlock and fast fingerprint sensor better can be: • superhal, lacking accessories, however, found perfect mini-scale at the shellhouse • bad flow in the software. often micro-teams in apps like a significantly cheaper phone. • software: swiftkey's space management sucks (so even gboards), longing for samsung keyboard, mail client lacks "push", many spelling mistakes in EMUI • The battery may have a lot of "mAh" (30% greater than A3), but it's 30% shorter than A3 (maybe due to poorly optimized systems like oxå think) • The GPS on the galaxy was clearly harder --- would I buy again? Yes. What matters to me: weight, screen size, android8 / treble is good. Performance so-so.
*Edited 3 years
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