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NZXT Kraken X63 280mm (2x140mm)
24 days ago
x63 does not have the ability to use coolant temperature to control fan speed, which is required to keep your computer quiet and avoid rapid fan speed changes at very low CPU loads. This cooler is a bad option if you want a quiet computer.
Fitbit Versa 3
2 months ago
Same problem as Versa 2.
Fitbit Versa 2
5 months ago*
Not much is right with Fitbit - It takes 45 seconds for it to connect to the mobile's GPS when you start training - When it is connected, it is not even certain that the connection works - If the connection works, it is not certain that the information about the training is correct. I had e.g. a bike ride of 12km which was shown as 3km. - Confused UX. Some few settings can only be made on the watch, others can only be made in the app on the mobile and some can only be made on the web portal. Is it logical to change the language on the web portal instead of on the device or in the app? - The motion sensor has a hard time realizing that you want the screen to light up if you do not make a completely excessive movement. - Basic functions such as changing songs in spotify do not work during training sessions. - Fitbit collects data about one's own well-being and puts it behind a paywall. - The design of the watch makes the screen appear larger than it really is. It is a 6mm thick frame with a dead black surface around the screen. That is, what looks like a 2-inch screen is actually 1.4 inches. - The doll / Charger is a joke. You need to 3D-write a holder for it if you want something that can stand on a flat surface instead of just hanging from a USB socket. - Would have received 2 stars (or escaped the rating completely) if Fitbit had let me return at 5 days after their right of return expired (45 days).
*Edited 5 months