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Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX7
7 years ago*
Previously owned LX7: ans ancestor LX3 which I liked and LX7-ball is even better. A really feature packed and affordable compact camera with good build quality. Do you want a relatively inexpensive compact camera that produces pretty good pictures, has many adjustment possibilities and great movie I just say look no further. Plus: Many configuration options Manual settings in movie mode (aperture, shutter, etc.) Movie Full HD / HD / SD Can shoot in 50p/50i (AVCHD) and 25 fps (MP4) Built-in ND filter HotShoe Bright optics (f / 1.4) Good picture quality Good video quality Good for macro photos Many controls on the camera Many accessories (flashes, filters, viewfinder) Solid build quality Great camera for the money Minus: Raw format (RW2) is not supported by all image editing program Considerably smaller sensor than eg Sony RX100 Mediocre resolution A little bulkier than eg Sony RX100 (LX7-ball can fit in your pocket but it gets crowded)
*Edited 7 years
Nokia Lumia 620
8 years ago*
Very good and affordable phone. Advantages: Superior user interface Works extremely well with other Microsoft applications Not much lag Customizable interface (colors, size of icons, etc.) Affordable Go to skin No kind of frippery Cons: Still missing some apps in the Windows Store (ie Swedbank) Conclusion: Can highly recommend this handset, thanks to the clean and user-friendly interface, and that it is buslätt to use other Microsoft applications such as Skydrive, Outlook (Hotmail) and Office. Obviously can not compete with the super-hot phones in terms of performance etc, but for my needs, it is without doubt the best phone I had. It does what it should and does it well.
*Edited 7 years
Sonos Connect (ZonePlayer ZP90)
11 years ago*
Have now had my ZP90 (Connect) for three years and it runs like a clock. Had a while problems with playback sometimes stopped in the middle of songs (do not know if it's because Sonos: one or the network) but this problem I now have not had in over a year. I plugged it into my stereo amplifier and streams music in WAV and FLAC format to the amplifier / speakers via my NAS. The sound is good, although not top notch compared to eg CD players. It certainly plays music in CD quality (16 bit) but no high resolution 24-bit music, do they want it to get buy a Pioneer N-50 or any other streamer. I do not use multiroom feature, which of course is perhaps Sonos main strength, and that day it pops up a product with equally good user interface that Sonos and capable of high resolution music I change enough out, even though it is otherwise a top-class product. The user interface is really good on both the computer and the iPod. Additionally, the Sonos including Spotify and Wimp. Waiting, however, that there will come a originalapp from Sonos for WP8 so that I can control it via my windows mobile (there certainly Sonos apps from independent producers for WP8) so I do not have Apple's isolated and expensive environment. Aside from Sonos: one does not support high resolution music, I'm really happy and can not recommend this product.
*Edited 7 years
Garmin Forerunner 210 Premium HRM
8 years ago*
Owned Forerunner 210 for about a year and have not had any problems with it. The watch's design is quite understated compared to some other exercise watches, which suits me. Have the key features. The price okay. Soft ties to the heart rate monitor included, super.
*Edited 8 years
Asus RT-N66U
9 years ago*
Got this router in the mail yesterday and less than 30 minutes after I unpacked and assembled it as the network was up and running. Incredibly much smoother than with my old router! Give it 9/10 because I have not yet had time to test it to the max and have not yet faced any problems - we'll see if I need to update the review to come. Very good price at Complete addition! Recommended!
*Edited 9 years
Speed-Link SL-6152 Snappy Smart Wireless
9 years ago*
It does its job to the letter. However, is very small, which is not clear as a bell if you have normal to large sized hands.
*Edited 9 years
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