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Gigabyte GeForce GTX 780 OC HDMI DP 2xDVI 3GB
7 years ago
had gtx 580 before this. the difference is very small in the games I tested. tex metro cargo light so I can run in 3d and 2x MSAA with the same performance as the 580 had no MSAA. skyrim in 3d fps goes up and down between 14fps and 34 fps outdoors. and sometimes dawdling card up himself and you have to restart your computer to get up the performance again. feel badly fooled
Monster 1000HD HDMI - HDMI High Speed 1m
7 years ago
where you're wrong. about the difference between an expensive o one for 50kr. had a cable for 50kr and bought a superconducting cable for 500 and ran on my xbox. picture was much sharper and the colors much fuller. then colors with 50kronors hdmi became mat / bleach
AMD FX-Series FX-8120 3.1GHz Socket AM3+ Box
8 years ago
jo phenom 6x is a bit faster maybe. but the frame memories are running 1333 (1600clockat) on phenom. which fx allows over 2000MHz on the frame memories. I have phenom x6 1866 memories o must run underclock tion of 1550 on the memories. 1600 makes the system unstable and whenever something requires a lot of frame so it will be blue-screened. so the choice here is. slightly faster cpu but söligare memories or a little weaker cpu but with fast memories
Grado SR80e
10 years ago
mullrig bass makes the song unclear poor treble To listen to these for shure headphones is like going from a motorcycle to a scooter