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Philips PowerLife FC8322
4 years ago*
You get what you pay for! The handle can only share the top, not in the middle, which is a major drawback. The noise level is little short of deafening. It sounds so much a vacuum cleaner just may sound which is paltry by a machine in 2016. The advantages are that it is small in size and it has a really good suction. Had I been able to try this before buying it would have resulted in that I bought another vacuum cleaner.
*Edited 4 years
Brother HL-L2340DW
6 years ago*
This was my second laser printers. Feels really affordable. WiFi works well and there is no problem printing with AirPrint from the iPad. Easy installation. The drivers are available on the web if you like me have no possibility to use the supplied CD-ROM. To make a simple installation requires a USB cable (AB), which is not included with the printer. Did I read that it was possible to arrange the WiFi even without usb, but it was difficult. Anyway, is very satisfied. Works exemplary and feels really affordable.
*Edited 6 years
FIFA 14 (PS4)
7 years ago*
It's embarrassing to say that Fifa 13 was the best football game ever, for the year then give out Fifa 14 which is far from giving the same status. Fifa 14 is a deterioration on most planes. It is a terribly poor balance during the matches. Defensively rewarded more than offensive remarkably clearly. The balance of the resistance is extremely poor. As such, it feels easier to make a case against Barcelona and Milan in CL than to score against Brommapojkarna and Mjallby in Allsvenskan. There must be a clearer difficulty there. Meanwhile, the level of difficulty of the game itself poorly balanced when for two seasons did not lose a single match. I change then to step higher in severity good enough I barely get the ball in the net. I realize of course that I'm a very mediocre player, but it should not be such a big gap between two adjacent levels of difficulty. I really hope that next year's version of FIFA is much better. For this wish to basically shut down as soon as you start a game. 6/10.
*Edited 7 years
Apple AirPort Express Base Station
7 years ago*
Awesome smooth installation as usual when it comes to Apple. Good overview and simple interface. Have had my router as a few months now and have had no problems whatsoever. Good speed. Only negative is that the range is not super. But that's something you have to consider if you live in a bigger house.
*Edited 7 years
LG 47LM620T
7 years ago*
The image is initially unmarked. After many changes, I get it pretty good, but it's far from being a marvelous picture. It is noteworthy large afterimage. Any source. Mainly at very light in the picture. Never seen some similar problems on the television or projebtor. The sound is lousy and the worst I've heard for a television. There is often some kind of vibration in the TV that sounds really bad. 3D is otherwise good. Have bought the wi-fi for this tv and it works. The hardware seems to be not the best, film streaming via Netflix and Viaplay works rather poorly. Really unhappy with this television. I can not comprehend that it is so popular. Either I've got a smådefekt tv or or I for good reference frames in comparison to this product.
*Edited 7 years
Sony PlayStation 4 (PS4) 500GB
7 years ago*
Relatively quiet. Fast and powerful. Nice with apps including Netflix, Viaplay and IGN and that need not be the PSN plus customer to use them. Really nice controller that fits in the hand. Now I only hope that it's released many great games to come, and that there will be a chance to buy old PS3 games digitally.
*Edited 7 years
Epson EH-TW6100
7 years ago*
My third projector. Image-wise, the good. Fine black despite the LCD. My past was not the LCD and read negative comments about the purple / blue blackness. And certainly, it becomes clear purple / blue in the darker portions of sitting in a dark room. But blackness is otherwise good. The contrast and colors are also good. Adherence in the picture is good, slightly worse in 3D although this is true even on TV yet. The sharpness seems to me however, is no better than on my previous projectors. Good menus. Stylish design but, rather large, due to the LCD. Sometimes when I booted up the setting up and running the fan at high speed. Logically the cold when turned off instead. Run Eco-mode and the fan is in operation very quiet. In 3D, the fan sound higher but still relatively low. In short, a very good projector.
*Edited 7 years
Yamaha RX-V673
7 years ago*
Good amp for the money. Clear and detailed sound. However, the base of the sound no picnic. Music does not sound as good on my previous amplifier was an Onkyo 607. Some minor problems have occurred on a few occasions during the six months of use. But on the whole I am very satisfied.
*Edited 7 years
7 years ago*
Does what it should. However, when streaming movie / series via Netflix and Viaplay so it flows not always problem-free. But I suppose it mainly depends on the TV, that does not seem to have good enough hardware. Nice not having to pull a long network cable from the router.
*Edited 7 years
Pioneer BDP-LX55
8 years ago*
A fairly expensive Blu-ray that I had only heard praise about. But it is actually the biggest disappointment I bought for my living room. Have now had it for over half a year and it is full of flaws. The background is sometimes dyed pink / purple, sometimes even menus and film of the same color. Can certainly simple to obtain accurate picture again. Sometimes it locks up the player and the only way to bring it back is to unplug the power cord. Will apparently withstand many video formats, but I've just got avi to work. Have tested with mpg and mkv but without getting it to work. The picture does not feel as stable and responsive as the one I got with my previous LG players. It's really the worst, that the picture is no better than what it is. Menus are right bad in my opinion. Good with two HDMI-out, but when you can just send the audio through one becomes meaningless for myself. The sled where you put in the disc go out at normal speed, but then there is apparently no barrier which means that you constantly have to wait before you can close the tray. The first time I bought a Pioneer. Maybe I got a bad copy, but I'll probably think of one extra time before I buy a gadget from them again. How many shortcomings, it should not be on such a lavish product. Now I have only mentioned a few of the problems I encountered.
*Edited 8 years
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