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Argo Clima Orion Plus
a year ago
*Edited 24 days
edit: Broken completely after 13 months. What a joke. Original text: The electricity giant rejected my review of this AC with 2 stars due to "their policies". This is why PriceSpy is the last outpost for people who actually want to know whether a product is good or not, companies lack morale and only care about their reputation. My original review censored by Elgiganten: To begin with, the first impression was no big deal. Dirty in the box and scratches & scuffs even under the protective plastic from the manufacturer. Makes one wonder what kind of rat's nest to factory it was mounted in. The drain hose must be at the same height for the AC to be able to pump out the hot air without overheating and shutting itself off. So, if you have the AC on the floor, you need to have the window at floor level ... which you probably do not have. Mine is up on the desk & the hose must also be as short as possible. First thought it was wrong on the AC but it is simply so that it does not have the strength to drive away the hot air if the hose is "too long" or if the air needs to be pumped upwards. At the coldest setting 16c, I get the temperature down to about 22c in a small student dormitory of 30 square meters, and the room it stands in is only about 20 square meters. Buy an AC from a more well-known brand instead.
AKG K701
a year ago
Haha. These are the headphones I've been looking for all my life! Cheap, fits my gigantic head, light, long cord & the "sleeves" breathe so you don't sweat under your ears. The base is small but on the other hand it is easier to "hear correctly", which is the purpose of these; to mix! (Wouldn't recommend to listen to music like, well ... most normal ones I guess).
2 years ago
An nobrainer for the price. However, you see the pixels, 28 inches before the same resolution and it worked well, but yes, 32 inches have passed the "boundary" for visible pixels. Märk's most on photos and so on. Minus: Why should it be so difficult to manufacture a stable foot? Over half of all the screens I bought (ever) have had unstable feet. How hard can it be?
Lucid Sound LS-30
2 years ago
Has three LS30, two for game consoles and one for PCn. Positively: + Stylish design & fit very well on at least my head. The construction feels solid. Pure quality look them out and feels like tricks that are good much more expensive. + The sound of 3.5mm is well-approved for the price. I run this on my PC. + The volume control on the side is very smooth Cons: - Wireless, so the sound quality disappears from good to acceptable only. Suit for gaming, but do not listen to music. - The pipe that sounds when muting / unmutar is a bit loud Warning: If you buy beg. the network is cheap, often the USB base station is not included. This is impossible to get anywhere else than directly from LucidSound, which only sends to customers in the United States. Did this mistake itself, bought cheap on ebay and discover that it is completely run to find USB dongle.
Asus Prime Z270-A
3 years ago
HTC Vive
3 years ago
Worth mentioning that Vive is now sold is an updated version with better lighthouses, brackets and lighter headsets. I also want to notice that very many have had problems with their 1st Gen Vive (broken checks, etc.) and be careful about used, after the recent price reduction, I argue that a new purchase is the brightest choice. So is Vive worth the money? VR is great if you can live with the low resolution. It is VERY low-resolution. After a few days, however, you stop thinking about it and "sinking" into the experience. Recommend at least GTX 1080 to be able to play with +1.5 super sampling, this makes text, etc. becomes easier to read, but it does not remove the low resolution.
Asus GeForce GTX 1080 Ti ROG Strix Gaming OC 2xHDMI 2xDP 11GB
3 years ago
Thought "snuggle" and buy Founders Edition on sale, but it's worth paying a thousand dollar extra for so good cooling. Never runs above 70C under full load (even when I'm mining). The only thing I can bother with is that when the card does not need to work especially hard, the up / down fans randomly turn the impression that the card does not really "decide" which fan it should use but switches between all three, and just the sound because the fans are turning on / off is a little annoying.
Asus VP247H
3 years ago
Very backbleed, witty foot (why are there even wings still with fingers, how difficult can it be?) The colors are very good and the speakers are all right. However, one can get better picture (and better foot) for the same price from other manufacturers.
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