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Ankarsrum Assistent AKM6230
7 months ago
As long as it worked, it worked well. After 11 months and 3 weeks it stopped working completely. It took four weeks to get it repaired. Cause was stated as: Electronics card broken, replace. The machine worked as usual for 10 minutes before it died again. No life in it. Anchor rooms may make mechanically reliable machines, but our experience is that the machines are completely unreliable in terms of electronics. Stay far away.
Broadlink RM Mini 3
a year ago
Works only with pure 2.4 GHz wifi routers or those using separate ssid for the 2.4 and 5 GHz bands. Most modern routers use a combined 2.4 and 5 GHz ssid which does not work. It doesn't matter how cheap this gadget is. It is completely outdated and even if you make it work today it will end up in the trash when you upgrade your router next time. Avoid!
Samsung Galaxy S II GT-i9100 16GB
9 years ago
Incredibly good phone. Just everything is lightning fast and Samsung's huge internal memory and RAM makes memory never ever run out of apps. Samsung has also sorted out Touchwiz (their own android shell) and the environment is really trervlig. Previous model's problems with lag when reading and writing to files is just a bad memory. The best part is that the phone is so thin that it feels bigger than the previous model, even though the screen is bigger. If they could just squeeze into the CPU in a plate instead of Tegran they use the Galaxy Tab 10.1. But it will.
Grado SR80e
10 years ago
The headphones sound very, very good. If one ignores the insanely long and heavy cord could serve as an anchor chain, and they are so uncomfortable that it's completely impossible to use them longer than 20 minutes at the time, so it is perhaps a sensible purchase (and when I say uncomfortable so it is a very nice euphemism ...). But most will probably do best to buy such a pair of sensible Sennheiser's instead. But they sound good. But it does not so much matter when they are not going to have his head :-(
Gigaset SL400
10 years ago
Superb quality feel. Great sound. Very good buttons. Quick menus.
Nokia BH-505
10 years ago
Advantages: Great sound! Great battery life. Turns out there sounds good and fits securely. Unbelievable price. The equivalent competitors cost at least twice as much. I fit headphones perfect and I can listen for hours without discomfort. Cons: These headphones do not work to jog with. The weight is way behind the head and the headphones resting against the top of the ear. Guess what happens if you jump up and down. Ouch ouch ouch! Either is suitable for you or not at all and there is no adjustment. Headphones do not fit children or adults with small heads.