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Seagate Backup Plus Desktop Hub USB 3.0 6TB
6 months ago
Perfect disk for home use to either have as is, externally with two available USB3 connectors, or shake and get a very quiet (23-25dB) ST6000DM003 Barracuda (5900rpm, 3 platters on 2TB, standard CMR disk (not SMR as, simplified) , is good for large files that are written once and then read only.) Has NCQ and ACS3 Rev 4. Do not control the performance but for access over 1GB network (~ 110MB / s), it is probably not maximized for neither read nor write (sequentially, of course). So good enough. See for the internal
Seagate Expansion Desktop Drive 8TB
9 months ago
OK, but using a Seagate Archive HDD v2 (ST8000AS0002) which is a disk uses the storage technology 'Shingled Magnetic Recording' and thus not so fast writing. Depending on your uses and patterns, both greatly reduced performance and increased risk of data loss. The data is stored "at an angle" in the tracks and can thus be packed denser, fewer platters for given capacity compared with a traditional PMR disk. Combined with only a 1-year warranty, it feels a bit like a silly purchase for backup needs and a complete failure for performance needs.
JBL 305P MKII (each)
a year ago
Very good value for money
Sangean MMR-88
2 years ago
- Surprisingly well-built, - good reception, - Good sound for size (just great for intended use) and - Very good value for money. - Is DAB version available for a 3-400kr more, but it does not feel that FM would be sold out in the next 10 years. - IPX3 (withstandable rainfall) - Weather channel /alealer works only in North America - The solar panel is nothing to rely on, but if you have a sunny window where it stands it can stand without extra charge - would be better if you had space (and thus 2.5-3x battery life) with the more common 18650 cells, which are also cheaper - no RDS - The screen is ok - 3.5mm connector showers, can probably be fixed but has not broken it yet and does not plan to have headphones especially often Compared with an Eton / Soulra (eg FRX5-BT), some features are missing (larger 2000 mAh battery against 18350 cell 750mAh here, general light bulb, probably better sound, etc.) but with one third of the price you get a more lightweight and - as I understand it - something better built product. Eton's plastic tends to crack
Seagate Backup Plus Desktop Hub USB 3.0 8TB
3 years ago*
SMR disk in these, avoid believing they can be opened and then work wisely in an NAS or server. Individual users without great demands, they can be ok. Like my mother with many movies.
*Edited 3 years
Beyerdynamic DT 880 250 Ohm
7 years ago*
Agree with ma90 and others who say just that - Initially believed that the missing base compared to its other handsets but it really probably is because these drives with frequent "boost" between 40 ~ 150Hz and those "clean out". The combination of a standard volt weak headphone output (with too high impedance) as one experiences it might just as (and are partly right without proper reinforcement). - They are neutral and accurate, just as you want them (if you are on the fidelity in the truest sense), there are minor problems that can be minimized with good EQ - Comfort is super; soft, clear with just enough pressure on my head. - Build Quality! However, few though: - Well large, protruding cups're not so good ears pinched both in the xy stage but also in depth, but they are so big that the bottom half lightly rests against my jaw "attachment" and it is a bit tedious after a fairly short time. However, one can easily have their center point adjusted upward slightly but possibly becomes soundstage and tonal balance affected. However, after a few months I got used and cf. my HD650 (which is well hard, hot press), they are as comfortable overall - A neutral, quiet, distortion free, high power amplifier (e.g., the superior Objective 2, see of low output impedance (check e.g. is quite important for them (like most> 50Ohm lurking). However, I think they work ok with eg Fiio E6 or if it's quiet / you do not want to rock out without external amplifier (running Nexus 7 and iPhone 4S with ok results ). 250Ohm is "perfect middle ground" against 32 or 600 IMHO. - Treble around 7-9kHz seems to be a resonance or similar so I need to EQ down a dip there to not cymbals, s-like sounds to get it there "shimmering effect" as many sometimes think is "hi end" but is not realistic but sometimes (depending on the material) a little tiring. There are around 6-8kHz as your ear canal has its resonant frequency so this is a bit difficult to adjust without sine waves, the right software and a lot of time;) (see incidentally how-to-equalize-your-headphones-a-tutorial) - 1-3dB extra heat register (~ 80-250Hz) can do it all ... ehh .. warmer and possibly closer to the original but be careful not vote becomes cloudy / "boomy" - Steel arches could be polished a little finer, now they have some sharp edges. Compare it straight off the HD650 is almost exactly the inverse of one another regarding the tonal balance so it's fun to change and try to have different EQ settings and get them to Like! Another. HD650 makes everything sound as "beautiful" and forgiving but a little weak attack. DT880 is a scalpel in comparison but may lose some of the "fun factor" and one can tire of good music that is poorly recorded / mastered / komprimerad..bra with alternative words.
*Edited 6 years
Ronneby Bruk Ultra Light Original Fry Pan 28cm
7 years ago*
Very friendly boiler that weighs half a Skeppshult and even less than most Teflon ~ 30cm. A little demanding (only the beginning perhaps?) On fat when even bacon almost sits down but guess it will work out with time, have not bought a new cast iron pan before so I've only well used items to compare.
*Edited 7 years
Marantz NR1402
8 years ago*
Bizarre affordable, from Germany without VAT (UK VAT #!) I paid 1900 inc shipping and for my mother's small living room will do 5x50W just fine. Especially with ARC, HDMI 1.4a, naming and cleanup of inputs, takes up less space and do not get as hot as a full-AVR, and better than Audyssey Onkyo / Denon's entry level (MultEQ against 2EQ) makes it in my opinion to the perfect start Avren.
*Edited 8 years
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